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What tasty Japanese dish to prepare houses? Of course, beaters!

Japanese cuisine quickly won hearts of the Russian people. Still, their dishes very tasty and useful!

The beater is the mix of rice with other products wrapped in an alga. For preparation of beaters it is necessary to get a special rug from a bamboo, so-called to a makis which is used for turning of this dish.

Rice prepares as follows. It is necessary to wash out it until water does not become transparent. Then to pour out in a pan and to fill in with cold water so that water covered rice on 2 cm. To bring to readiness. Then it is necessary to prepare acetic mix. For this purpose it is possible to mix on 1 teaspoon of salt and sugar, 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar. To add mix to rice. Before preparation of beaters rice needs to be cooled completely.

There are several ways of preparation of beaters. It is possible to do a usual beater and a beater “inside out“.

At first we will consider simple option . The leaf of an alga to a hole is put on a makisa. Hands need to be moistened with water with addition of rice vinegar. Then a half of a leaf becomes covered by a thin layer of rice. To cut all ingredients with thin strips. To lay out a ready stuffing, having receded from the sheet edge on 1,5 cm. Holding all ingredients, to lift edge of a rug up, at the same time moving it forward until the edge of a rug concerns the opposite edge of an alga. Then to raise edge of a rug and to twist a beater in roll. To knife a ready beater sharp moistened in vinegar.

By the way, important remark! Liszt to a hole needs to moisten before the end when a half of a beater is already twisted. It is necessary in order that the beater did not begin to be untwisted, and stuck together. To moisten seaweed there is in the beginning no sense as excess moisture on a hole destroys its structure and then the beater can just tear.

The beater “inside out“ prepares a little in a different way. On a half of a leaf to a hole rice gives all the best. On it either caviar, or sesame is usually evenly distributed (depending on the recipe). Then the leaf accurately should be turned on a makisa. Now on an alga give all the best, as well as in the previous case, the ingredients which are thinly cut with sticks. Then the beater is twisted and knifed.

You can prepare beaters in any pleasant way. These dishes usually with wasabi, marinated ginger and soy sauce move.

Here several recipes of beaters which can quite be prepared in house conditions. In order that beaters turned out more gentle, it is possible to add to them a little mayonnaise.

Beater “Philadelphia“ . It is necessary for its preparation: 3 leaves of seaweed to a hole, 200 g of rice, 30 g of a cucumber, 30 g of avocado, 100 g of a salmon, 60 g of cheese - Philadelphia cream.

Beater “California“ . The following ingredients are its part: 3 leaves to a hole, 200 g of rice, 30 g of avocado, 30 g of a fresh cucumber, 50 g of crab meat, 40 g of caviar of flying fish.

A beater “Huy - I flow“ . It is necessary for preparation of this beater: 3 leaves to a hole, 200 g of rice, 30 g of a fresh cucumber, 30 g of a smoked eel, 3 eggs, 20 g of dry fish broth, sesame. From eggs, soy sauce and fish broth the omelet which then is cut as well as other ingredients, on thin strips prepares.

Beater “Canape seto“ . Are its part: 3 leaves to a hole, 200 g of rice, 300 g of shrimps, 2 tomatoes, 70 g of pickled sweet peppers, 3 lettuce leaves.

Beater “Kurasika“ . Are necessary for it: 3 leaves to a hole, 200 g of rice, 80 g of a tuna, 30 g of avocado, 30 g of a cucumber, sesame.

Proceeding from own experience, I can tell that it is possible to add to house beaters anything. It is not obligatory to adhere to a certain recipe at all. Curtail into a beater carrot on - Korean, mushrooms, banana, apple or just vegetables.

Dream! Experiment! And bon appetit!