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Than peaches - a longevity symbol are useful?

the Homeland of peaches - China. Here they - a longevity symbol, one of the main components of “a youth elixir“. The information about them contains in the Chinese written sources from X century BC where peaches were called food of emperors. However these fruits are obliged by distribution in the world to Persia (nowadays Iran) that is visible even according to the name. From Persia they got into the Roman Empire and further everywhere. Now peach trees grow up on all continents, even in places with cool climate including in Russia.

A peach - a fruit-tree from family Pink, related to an apricot, cherry and plum. Chinese, Iranians and other people not for nothing long since appreciated peaches. They are very useful to a human body thanks to the high content in them of vitamins, minerals and other substances.

Fruits of peaches are useful in the food, medicinal and dietary purposes. They well influence even women`s reproductive system. Peaches perfectly will suit those who wish to grow thin as when processing by an organism they demand more calories, than contain. So, at consumption in the form of a peach of 60 calories the organism spends 75 calories for its processing.

Peaches contain many salts of potassium and iron that promotes treatment of diseases warmly - vascular system, anemia (anemia), normalizes a metabolism. Compounds of phosphorus and potassium improve memory and efficiency of the person, speed up work of vessels of a brain, help to cope with a nervous and emotional pressure. Carotene from pulp of fruits prevents destruction of cages of a human body.

Peaches are recommended to be used as medicine: at violation of a warm rhythm and an anemia; at the lowered acidity of a stomach; to teenagers for strengthening of immune system and stimulation of growth processes; to pregnant women from nausea and toxicosis; for improvement of a condition of skin; in the form of a mask at solar burns. Peaches are not recommended to diabetics and allergic persons. Peaches will not spoil a figure - in them few calories and a lot of cellulose. Fruits of peaches differ in high content of the antioxidants resisting to oncological diseases, bring parasites out of a human body, work as soft laxative, are useful to eyes, a good diuretic, help from gout and rheumatism.

Now in Moscow a season of peaches in the heat. They are carried from everywhere, from Asia to Moldova. We love them for excellent taste, fine color, a velvety skin, very tasty juice. Ripe fruits have a bright, characteristic smell and slightly spring at compression. If in the market bees and wasps sit down on peaches, then fruits kept up. But even immature peaches will quickly keep up if their several days to take the house at the room temperature. And it is even better - to put them in a paper package together with bananas: so peaches will ripen even quicker.

Nutritionists often recommend to include peaches in structure of medical foods. Fresh peaches improve digestion of greasy food if to use them for a dessert at the end of a plentiful lunch.

Attention! does not recommend to eat a peach at which the stone is split. In stones hydrocianic acid, though contains in small amounts, and it is the strongest poison. So be vigilant (but also it is not necessary to panic - I ate such peaches and it is live so far).

Recently scientific the international Institute of researches in the field of the food, having studied structure of fruits of peaches, a nectarine and apples, established that contain in them over - chemical polyphenols, and contents them in 5 times more, than assumed earlier. In a human body these substances are synthesized by microorganisms and play an important role in antioxidant activity.

Scientists consider that these polyphenols are important components of healthy food of people. So eat peaches, nectarines, apples and good luck!