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Pumpkin: how to prepare for the winter? Recipes from “gold storage“

Here also there came the time of preparations for the winter! Also there is a wish to try to prepare something brand new, and not just traditional annual cucumbers with tomatoes and eggplants.

Here - that is also useful to us pumpkin, from it it is possible to prepare different snack and jam which will have very opportunely during the cold winter period. with

Salatik - the snack from pumpkin

will Pleasantly refresh your winter menu and will become a riddle for eaters. Even those who loudly declare that they do not love pumpkin eat such salad with pleasure, and in what a way extol!

For preparation of salad it is necessary to take:

pumpkin (in the cleared look) - 2 kg (crusts we do not throw out, and accurately we cut off with part of pulp, they will be useful to us!) ;

ripe juicy tomatoes - 1 kg;

carrots - 500 g;

paprika (it is desirable red) - 500 g;

onion - 300 g;

salt - 2 tablespoons without top;

garlic - 2 large heads;

sugar - 100 g;

vegetable oil - 200 g;

coriander seeds, black pepper - to taste;

acetic essence - 2 tablespoons.

We start preparation.

Look on the parties whether someone from house looms on the horizon. Otherwise the surprise will not leave! Having opened a winter evening a salad jar, it is possible to play “guessing game“. Who will guess from what he is prepared a miracle - salatik, will win an incentive prize!

We cut pumpkin and carrots bars thickness in a finger, onions - cubes, paprika long segments, we pass tomatoes via the meat grinder or we crush in the blender.

In a kettle pripuskay carrots and onions. As onions began to turn yellow, we throw pumpkin, paprika, we extinguish everything together several minutes (to watch that it did not prizharitsya!) also we fill in with tomato weight. We salt, we pepper and on slow fire we extinguish within half an hour. Several minutes prior to the termination - we throw the cut garlic, we add spice, we pour in vinegar, we display in in advance prepared sterilized banks (yes, in banks, but not in a mouth!) also we roll up.

Snack snack, but also sweet teeth it is necessary to indulge too. We prepare tasty

pumpkin fruit jelly!

we take

For preparation of fruit jelly:

the peeled pumpkin cut by pieces - 3 kg;

water - 2 liters;

sugar - 1,5 kg;

lemons - 2 pieces;

cinnamon powder - 1 h a spoon without top;

a carnation (spice) - 5 - 6 pieces.

To fill in pumpkin with water and to cook to softness with addition of spices. To turn ready pumpkin into mashed potatoes, having wiped it through a sieve. To accelerate process, it is possible to use a miracle of modern equipment on the name “blender“. His some wise men not for nothing thought up! No, not for nothing! So, God ordered to facilitate to us process of processing of pumpkin!

The received mashed potatoes is placed in a basin. (We remember fast as our grandmothers cooked jam! Worthy replacement to an old kind basin was not thought up yet.) We pour sugar and we cook, interfering with a shovel until weight does not begin to separate from walls. We pour in the juice which is in advance squeezed out of lemons, we throw the prepared in advance lemon dried peel and we cook even minutes 15, constantly disturbing, on slow fire. Ready fruit jelly needs to be spread out in the prepared sterilized banks and to allow them to stand dug out before full cooling then to cover with parchment, it is good to stick and clean to the cool place.

To clean far away! And ubiquitous sweet teeth will not allow fruit jelly to live that about winter days!

And now we take our pumpkin crusts! Not for nothing in old times said that in kulak economy and the machine gun is useful. A machine gun not a machine gun, but crusts will come in handy! From them

beautiful and very tasty candied fruits

turn out

we Cook sugar syrup at the rate on one part of sugar - one part of water. We clear crusts of a firm external layer and we cut small squares or rombika. It is necessary to cook until syrup does not become viscous (a thick thread - this stage of solidification so is called). We pour out ready “jam“ on a sieve with large cells and we allow to flow down then we display candied fruits on the board covered by parchment, and we dry. Ready candied fruits need to be poured sugar and to stir up properly that sugar was distributed evenly. It is possible to store such candied fruits in the banks covered with parchment and densely tied by a twine in the dry and cool place. Tykvenno`s

- orange jam

Prepares such jam very simply. Necessary products:

the pumpkin peeled - 1 kg;

sugar - 1 kg;

water - 1 liter;

the walnuts fried - 1 glass;

oranges large - 3 pieces.

To wring out juice from oranges and to rub a dried peel on a small grater. To fry nuts. To prepare sugar syrup, to cook in it our pumpkin and when pumpkin is already in a condition of semi-readiness, to pour in juice of oranges, to put a dried peel, to fill up nuts and to cook before solidification (a syrup stage “a thin thread).

It is possible to store such jam in the sterilized banks with the twisting covers, and it is possible to roll up.

To hold windows closed that Carlson did not fly...