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You have no time for beauty too? There is a decision. Join!

to Sege I at a table at the computer and in a mirror glance from time to time. Well, just there is directly opposite a case with a mirror door. And than more often I look in it, those something want less often. My eyes would not see me, the word of honor. And though you will spoil nothing beauty, honestly I admit - a monkey a monkey and the fright the fright! Oh, no! Fie - fie - fie! The fir-tree - a stick is impossible so on itself!

I! Most! Charming! And! Attractive!

It just morning, just a dressing gown, just is not necessary since morning for work, and you do not see me, I can lie that I want, I can youthful show photos if that …

Oh … oh … And you beautiful?

Girls with the burning eyes, you, please, do not read further, you do not need it, you beautiful anyway. All who are in love at whom in eyes the devil - sparkles, they are already a priori beautiful. And it is even possible not to pay attention to footwear, a hairdress and other attributes of beauty. Pass, pass, do not get here under feet!

And here you personally, you beautiful? Well, if it is honest? And - and - and - and … You do not have time for yourself too? Yes, familiarly, I have a work, the house, in a family to the people more than one and less than seven too. That children and school, children and a garden, the husband with the socks, the father with the teeth … When here to, darling?!

And here I go along the avenue, I look - and from where so many women beautiful? Specially, perhaps, they on me were set?! And as - the same at them turns out … Thank God, here such though I have an excuse.

And I remember, it was in love … I fallen in love also now, but is already silent, quiet, sure. And when it was necessary to lasso, entice and set the seal, both time, and money, and there was enough desire. To each appointment so cleaned plumelets that though you send to a beauty contest: heels, skirts thoughtless to a knee, manicure, a pedicure such that legs with handles can be mixed. A hairstyle, laying unusual, buttons to seductive level, and there … at - ooh! And eyes as burned, the sumasshedshinka danced in them at only one thought of appointment! To a new dress it was worth appearing in familiar little shop, the shop assistant Lenka right there of SMS - Kami scraped, called, knew that I am a buyer concrete and easy, I will not arrange “Hermitages“, I will come and I will buy even if there is no money …

Oh … It is necessary to do something! Urgently! What is not enough any more to be a beauty round-the-clock: money or time? Generally, both that, and another, time and a family bred, and this damned crawls away crisis with a speed of the dying turtle.

In any business the main thing - to have dream, that is, desire, then to make the plan and to methodically carry out it, despite everything.

Recently there was to me a holiday - trouble. Suddenly sharply and somehow schoolmates suddenly took in head to gather. But only 32 years did not seem - were born - that soon after revolution, graduated from school last century. And what to do?! Or not to go (and so there is a wish!) or quickly to hire somewhere a slender body and all to it accessories.

Got out, of course. And manicures - - everything got pedicures, and a hairdress with a make-up, running from the master to the master, shaking a purse twice more intensively because not by appointment, and on “ambulance“. Showed herself in not worst look. After “third“, however, somehow all already seemed equally beautiful, even money became zhalkovato …

But for the next day I declared house the “Plan of Beauty“ that to myself and a purse not to arrange more such works involving all hands. And even, having sat hour or so with a notebook at a plate with the raging soup, hung out the schedule in which specified exact dates, actions for tuning of a body, and, above all, the sums necessary for me on transformation in beautiful mother - the wife.

All house supported. In kitchen put a moneybox - a casket in which suggested to put delivery from shops, the remains of salaries, charitable contributions of the father and brothers - everything became interested in experiment, even some girlfriends. Will approach, will laugh, will read my “the Plan of Beauty“ and will throw couple of kopeks.

There passed three months, and here I sit and I write this report - the instruction. Also I catch myself on thought as it is pleasant to me to look in a mirror case now. I have such nice hairstyle, eyes shine, handles - legs as it should be, visited the stomatologist regularly, just like lessons once at school. The massage therapist - now the constant guest in our house, grew thin for 10 kilograms … In the evening on Friday with the girlfriend we are going to gossip, wine to drink, a hen night at us. I am released easily - it is necessary new to hvastanut a sundress, it taka - about - about - y … The price tag, is a pity, it is necessary to tear off. I in it taka - and - and - and - I …

at a door at me hang On a blackboard the accurate schedule, and all house know that, for example, on July 19 mother till a lunch will not be - it has a visit to the hairdresser, and money is necessary so much (it already scratches a nape the husband). And on Sunday morning not to awake me, and to tiptoe because on Sundays now not I, and the husband gets up in seven and bakes pancakes on all family. And, by the way, the bathing suit last year`s is not pleasant to me any more and is big … And in e not to touch my face at all - I ride to the lake and back in the evenings.

About! By the way... And where it is a dressing gown I threw out, I do not remember? Ah, here, before a threshold the rag of familiar color lies. Such downy!

Also you know, I manage to do all the rest too: both washings, and lessons with children, and I cook still the tasty soups, and even I wash the dishes. If today my turn …

Well, all right … I about myself porasskazat. And now we start actions!

As soon as you will come home, fill a bathtub with a skin . Call urgently familiar salon with the prices moderated (so far), register in convenient time of both in a hairdress, and in manicure with a pedicure at once .

And now start to swim for a while the body and think over the Plan of Beauty , only slightly being guided by my offer. At the same time prepare still unpretentious face pack . I it call “ambulance“ .

At first put a yolk for 15 minutes. Then wash away warm water and dry up. Now - little squirrels shaken up, too for 15 minutes. And all! Look in a mirror! You are a beauty. I do so always when a work involving all hands and when suddenly guests or when suddenly on a visit.

call the husband Now and ask urgently today to buy in the market of half a kilo of fruits of a dogrose . What for? I Answer: from tomorrow you will be engaged also in the figure, and not just skin and (oh, so in a rhyme there is a wish to tell …) the person. I give you super - a diet !

And now find though something slightly sexy, busik it is possible. Drag a coffee table in a bedroom - today here both you will have supper, and you will hold negotiations with the husband. If it is possible and “to conclude the contract“ this night, mutually advantageous, consider yourself already as the winner in implementation of the Plan of Beauty. The ally and the sponsor are!

After the husband, without having stunned eyes glued by the foamy bathtub prepared by you and for him, also with a candle and glasses of red wine will come across a tasty dinner, start serious conversation by languid half-whisper.

As option: “Darling, I love you … and a Torah - that is that … In everything you are so good... And only one in you is imperfect … The wife at you - second hand, and even any more not in a good shape …“. In this place it is desirable to squeeze out at least couple of teardrops already. As soon as it opens a mouth for objections, close it the kiss and continue, it is now concrete:

- I need quarterly certain sum on updating of clothes, another - on cosmetics and visit of beauty shop, and still - once a month issue under the handle with it, and quarterly at least - too an exit, and too - to the public, but already without it.

- And that in exchange? - he will ask.

Here it is possible to lead round just broad gesture all space of a bedroom, including itself and to tell: “And in exchange at us will be much here such nights, and I will be always beautiful!“

I all! Hang up on a stenochka your Plan of Beauty, and on a bedside table put a moneybox - a pig. And I leave, I will not stir you …

P. S. If you yet or any more have no husband, replace the word “husband“ on “lover“, “groom“, etc. In principle, has to work.