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“Geographical“ salads tried? Europe

Great variety of salads in the name carries the proud name of that place which is intended to be glorified in the gastronomic plan. Having become interested in it once, I gradually collected the whole collection which part I want to share. Part because, for example, was told about Hungarian cuisine already much, and the Greek salad meets continually, though some variations in a compounding, etc. we Will begin

with the old woman of Europe and we will walk on it, whenever possible, from the North on the South.


Here, of course, not to do without herring. We take two salty big fishes, we soak (I do it in milk), we undress on fillet and we cut on cubes of average size. Small we cut one bulb and slightly we fry, and then we season with a mustard teaspoon with a sugar pinch.

Two crude eggs, having shaken up with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, we add to an onions medley. Now, having mixed, it is possible to put a herring. Salad is made out by branches of parsley and circles of boiled egg. Danish

we Cut

in straws or cubes (too small) we sort 2 carrots and a small back of a celery, a cauliflower kochanchik on inflorescences and together we boil all three ingredients in the added some salt water. Separately we cook 200 g of the macaroni or horns broken manually.

We connect the products prepared thus, we add a strip of ham or hunting sausages (200 g) and we fill with the following mix: 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 - 2 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 h mustard spoon, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Salad is ready, it is possible to taste.


Is quite simple recipe. The main thing that near at hand there were 100 g of boiled fillet of a chicken, a root of a celery weighing 50 - 70 g, 50 g of the welded mushrooms, 1 - 2 small salty a cucumber, 2 - 3 St. mayonnaise spoons, mustard teaspoon, well and salt as it is easy to guess. We cut products straws, we mix, we salt, we dress with mayonnaise and mustard. But I all - did not keep and added the chopped onion. Latvian

Boiled potatoes (300 g) we slice

. We give the same form to the peeled apples and cucumbers (1 - 2 piece, depends on the size). We chop boiled pork (100 g), a herring (50 g) and egg with straws. Having mixed products, we fill with the sauce consisting of sour cream mix (150 g), horse-radish (1 - 2 tablespoons), the crushed soft-boiled egg, 1 h a mustard spoon, salt and pepper - to taste). The dish is made out by slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, apples, lettuce leaves and branches of parsley. Austrian

we Take

six boiled eggs and we rub separately egg whites and yolks. We put whites a continuous layer in a salad bowl. From above we form a layer of grated cheese (100 g), fish canned food (1 bank) then mashed, we fill in with mayonnaise (half-glass). The following layer - from chopped onions (1 piece), atop - the frozen and shabby butter (100 g), is even higher - grated yolks and again mayonnaise (still than a half-glass). It is possible if it wants, to strew with the crushed walnuts. When all layers become impregnated with mayonnaise, will be very tasty.


is a “quick“ recipe. A bulb weighing about 20 g we cut half rings, 200 g of cheese and 60 g of pickles - cubes, sausages - circles, and then we mix everything. We fill with the vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) mixed with juice of a half of a lemon and salt with pepper.


One more puff salad. At the very bottom - small slices of tomatoes (500 g) strewed with salt and sugar to taste, on them - small cut fresh cucumbers (2 pieces) and again salt, above - grated boiled eggs (2 pieces), too prisolenny, then pickles (2 pieces). At last, the last layer - from small chopped onions. All construction is filled in with vegetable oil (2 - 3 tablespoons) and falls down chopped fennel. Prague

Fried veal and pork (on 150 g) we cut

straws, we also arrive with onions (1 - 2 piece) pickles (150) g, large apple. Having mixed products, we water them with lemon juice (1 tablespoon), we salt and we dress with mayonnaise (3 tablespoons). Minsk

Boiled potatoes (150 g) we cut

on small slices. We slice sauerkraut (35 g), small we cut onions and boiled champignons. We connect products, we fill salad with vegetable oil (1 - 2 tablespoons), vinegar (1 h a spoon), salt and sugar (0,5 h a spoon).

the Real Italian

we Slice a fresh white cabbage (150 - 200), to add small shabby firm cheese, small cubes of one red sweet pepper and 2 - x apples of different color, a davleny garlic glove. For gas station we take 100 - 150 of mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon of sweet ketchup. It was necessary to salt, stir and decorate with olives.

Continuation of culinary travel follows.

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