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Not novelty! Men for public use of

of the Man for public use - so I call men who sacrifice the life for the sake of characters, more valuable to them, than they are.

And do not even endow, do not realize the value of the time, feelings and other resources. And just give, devote all themselves to girls who are able to derive benefit even from those men who are not interesting to them.

A therefore such guys for public use are very demanded. Not to vanish to such good?

Let`s consider roles of men for public use. Perhaps, you or your friend serve on wellbeing of the girl from which to you “like nothing for a long time it is necessary“ to

the Personal driver

to Give a ride to her in a hairdressing salon? Not a question! To take away the poor thing from club? Of course!

Here only the man as “driver“ can even not suspect what in club she will be removed by more bright fellow and without everyones “you will not give a ride me there - and there-?“ will take that it is necessary to it. And the girl will give, what he believes necessary, at him in the head does not sit behavior model “conquest of the beauty long courting“.

What “driver“ will answer:

- Well and that, me was not difficult.

Of course, it is not difficult even if not on the way even if was tired. Her requirements are higher than yours …

A instead of what? Its attention “on the road“? Flirtation during a route?

Well, and even more you could receive it, without being broken since other end of the city, and having relaxed in embraces of the girl and slowly drinking favourite drink. But there is no girlfriend, or darling “not that“. So to have to be content though with something, and for the sake of it you rush to take away on the first call “type the potential girl“ from a hairdressing salon mimolety noticing that in this area there is no beauty shop.

Just a friend As shows to

the practician “just a friend“ the most awful role for the man.

Nobody argues that the man and the woman can communicate a long time without intimate relations. But answer yourself questions: “What do you receive from these relations?“ and “What was actually would like to be received?“. And following, main issue: “What is received from these relations by the girl?“ Answer

honestly, look to the truth in eyes. Really all of you still believe that constantly wiping up the girl of a snivel and you can cause in it sexual feelings?

And in general women have different men - friends, depending on functionality: “handkerchief“, «host“, “help for all occasions“ or just “father“. We will consider one of these types of the relations existing in modern psychology.

“The help for all occasions“ or just “father“

Who told that men are impregnable and insensible? Still as are sensual! Especially when in them fatherly feelings wake up, and to tell more true when to be “that“ which awakes them in the man.

Only you understand it, only it opened for you soul. Only you will understand its unfortunate, and that is more and there is nobody! Not to leave her poor creature one. Not to turn away from it when all already sent … to other idiot. Also can you even not are glad, but alas … We in the answer for those who were tamed.

I will reveal to you big secret … A fig not in the answer! Also your girl from her mega - problems will survive: “nobody understands me and all use me“. And besides still thanks will tell that taught her to live independently. But will not tell, so found another with which it also only in it to one, “for the first time“ to trust and will open soul.

It was necessary to be on friendly terms with girls at school. And it is safer to give up friendship only after the first sex adult girls, otherwise - the girlfriend to you not to see sex with the girl for years …

Be are bright, you do not bring acquaintance to friendship …