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The best fighter of 2010? “Uncontrollable“ Sylvester Stallone of

Ya did not restrain and rushed off on a premiere though earlier for me such haste was not noticed.

Though is not present, I lie, still I appreciated the third part of “Lord of the Rings“ in the forefront. But it was already very long ago, I was younger, and energy in me was more.

But “Uncontrollable“ I waited. Because the Lionsgate company and creators of this cool old school of the fighter made everything that the audience on all globe choked with saliva waiting for the new airtight project of Sylvester Stallone and To about .

Especially considering what To about is now not just a number of little-known actors, as in “Rambo 4“, and the whole galaxy of world famous stars of fighters. Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Terry Kryus, and also Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All these people are the genre embodiment, its quintessence. Well, can except for Kryus and Rourke who equally well are successful versatile roles.

At a stage of shooting of Stallone it is oath promised the fans and admirers of a genre in general what “Uncontrollable“ will be represented the old kind fighter in the best traditions, without any modern computer digitization, 3D and other frills. And also told of the boundless sea of action, the minimum of reasonings which is gushing forth from the screen testosterone, squall of tricks, pursuits, firefights and hand-to-hand fights. And I be damned if old times of Slay anywhere - that was caught stealing and did not keep the promise. And now it is short about a plot because it is simple as a piece of a laundry soap.

Barney Ross (Stallone) and his team - mercenaries - professionals from a series “more abruptly us only eggs“. Carrying out dangerous missions on all continents of the globe, they think of points of honor, morals and the value of separately taken human life a little. Perhaps because pay them, as a rule, for destruction of the whole armies of the opponent, or perhaps just their souls in this never-ending meat grinder so coarsened and dried that they just do not feel either pain, or regrets, or a remorse.

Picked up Barney`s team to itself sincere. Li Kristmas (Statham) who in the Russian dubbing-in predictably is stupidly called Christmas neatly metat knives, Yin Yan (Jet Li) in style, traditional for himself thrashes enemies legs and hands and eternally is not on friendly terms with a giant Gunner (Lundgren). The last sits on drugs and in general asocial type. Hale Sizar (it is strange that our translators did not take advantage of the opportunity also here, and did not call the guy literally - Long live Caesar!) performed by Terry Kryus - pumped over, dark as night the Black adoring huge automatic machines with a speed of firing of 250 cartridges a minute. A gun and the truth terrible because tears off gods and other extremities unnecessary soldiers of the opponent as two fingers about asphalt. Well, and the last member of team - Tol Road, the former participant of the mixed fights who is played by the former numerous champion in this look (sport??) Randi Kutyur.

Work at mercenaries hard - go there, kill all of them and to mess up God forbid, then you money, glory, only a lonely anonymous mogilka. And if carries. At least, the next customer known as Mr. Hram (Mr. Church in the original), he is a savior of the planet Bruce our Willis, does not like to make jokes. And in case of a failure of a task or “deshevogokipish“ promised to crumble Stallone and his children in a small dog forage. Considering that on other end of the transaction everything is 5 million dollars, guys found a common language, even despite presence at a meeting of the authority in the person of the acting governor of California. It is amusing that dialogue between Stallone and Schwarzenegger if to listen, in general concerns subject movie peripetias a little, and to a large extent refers to the real relations of these old colleagues from shop.

On it all love prelude comes to an end and begins for the sake of what a man`s half of the population and goes to movie theaters - a simple, not turbid, classical action. The task is simple - to kill five together small Latin American mafia headed by the general of a manyachny look and the former employee of CIA, trying to master together cocaine business in separately taken banana republic. On the way guys need to rescue somebody. Best of all the nice dark-complexioned girl - the Mexican by the name of Sandra (Giselle Itye) because it is necessary to attract on sessions and a little female audience. As a result villains are prostrate, the mademoiselle is rescued and kissed at parting, and heroes come back to a cozy tattoo - salon Tula (Mickey Rourke) to drink beer and to joke of own adventures.

As it is strange, but at the movie everything is there are several minuses which are not evident, but in time and after viewing are felt.

In - the first, the scenario. It is even not a shortcoming because in this case any complication of a plot catastrophically would affect quantity of scenes of action, what is much worse. Stallone became before the difficult choice - or to write out difficult scenario pases, or to be enclosed as much as possible in statement of tricks, pursuits, firefights and fights. He chose the second, and personally I am grateful to him, especially after strained phrase-mongering of “Predators“. The scenario “Uncontrollable“ is as the thin skewer of schematical and cliched acts and motivations on which big, juicy chunks of an action are strung and charisma flows from the screen never-ending like water.

In - the second, some types were successful less, than others. The aunt Sandra, being attached to the movie for effect, and ran all the time by a hand with one, with another. It seems and it is necessary to rescue it, the woman after all, but at the same time latently you wonder - why to a dog the fifth leg? Her father, the general - the artist, too bulk of time shows mimicry miracles, trying to give by one look three emotions wandering at it in a brain - greed, fear and desire of all for something to punish. Much more roughly and angry film villains turned out at skilled Eric Roberts and his assistant Sean Austen. These two alternately drew on themselves a blanket of spectator hatred.

In - the third as it is sad, the movie sags in the middle a little. Very vigorous beginning is replaced by muffled dialogues, couple of not really ridiculous jokes and unclear even for heroes of fighters motivations. Thank God, this easy embarrassment completely got lost in a subconsciousness subsoil from the beginning large-scale final mochilno - a kroshilovy scene where Stallone was developed outright.

What we have as a result. A full-fledged action with which it is not a shame. Silvester Stallone once again showed to present youth as it is necessary to shoot action films in Hollywood. All small defects with interest pay off at the expense of stunning scenes of action which really want to be reconsidered.

Perhaps, in me nostalgia on the best speaks, to the same Stallone and Schwarzenegger`s film works which long ago became classics, but “Uncontrollable“ - unambiguously successful project which showed an excellent fig with oil to everyone “Throws of a cobra“ and “to Teams “A“.