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What bears your call?

Happen calls exclusive, joyful, undesirable and fatal. Since phone was invented, to hurt each other, pleasantly, it became much easier to please or afflict.

Is distributed a familiar melody and we already expect something from a call. By phone it is possible to leave, reconcile, leave, be consoled, to buy, sell, exchange, find and to lose. What calls are given by you? And what calls accompany you on life?

Long-awaited calls “Well why he does not call

? Two hours passed as we quarreled!“

Every time when the melody on mobile sounds heartbeat already becomes frequent at once - it is a long-awaited call. Expecting important and such desired call we are ready to wash with phone nearly. And having separated with mobile all for half an hour, we come back behind it with words: “Nobody called me? “

Most of all we rejoice to long-awaited calls, especially if calls, the good friend, the acquaintance, the person number contacts with which incidentally broke. And how many emotions the long-awaited call after interview with the following contents brings: “Maria Anatolyevna, you be employed“ by

Long-awaited calls can at Birthday, informing on successful operation of relatives, reporting about the birth of the new person. Ah, as if there was a wish that long-awaited calls reached the subscribers and brought only positive emotions.

Love calls

Love calls very long and gentle. But in too time it is difficult to present in what else calls as not in love it is possible “to hang up“ so often.

“Do not call me more, the rascal! “ - and respectively short beeps … after that it is possible for

A for hours, in the days, weeks not to lift a tube, well even if strongly there is a wish even if all pillows of a proplakana, and all girlfriends were tired to encourage you. Love calls are full of emotions, laughter, pleasure and offenses. It is difficult to present more trembling or more tragic talk as not in love calls.

Last calls

Last calls not always farewell. If the person died forever … As often we regret that we did not tell that we did not manage to tell. Probably, therefore many of us at the end of each conversation repeat: “I love, I kiss“. And even if similar phrases are rubbed clean, and you and the interlocutor understand that the relations remain warm and desired, as before. the Last calls we always remember

and often we remember them. It is the last words which we told the person.

Unexpected calls Even at distance of thousands of kilometers can surprise with

. Let`s say to call the first love and to tell that were never happy as with it. Unexpectedly? And what if to call the chief and to leave by phone? Unexpectedly and in style “boiled“.

Pleasant surprises are sweet even by phone: “You won in a lottery!“, “Left you inheritance“. But there is also a place to unwanted surprises: “You failed examination“, “Your deposit “burned down“, “To Your Apartment Hall Thief“.

Decisive calls

- Hallo! Leshenka? there is no

- this is Alexey`s wife … And you as a matter of fact who?

Short beeps …

Decisive calls can put both “end“ and “comma“ and a sign of exclamation. In a flash you can become the director or the unemployed, the millionaire or poor, lonely or family.

To solve by phone important or urgent matters already natural regularity. If reaction of the person to your message, then why then to meet is indifferent for you?

Decisive calls have the power to change our life, and we in turn have the power to influence an outcome of further events.

“Call me, do not forget!“ - each call something brings in our life. We put various melodies, we select tariffs and we do not even notice that real life finds room in a small box with a set of buttons. We leave, reconciled, say goodbye, we work and even we have sex by phone. Our faces are rubbed clean and we concentrate on what tone, the voice and a rhythm bears to us the subsequent call …