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what is Schlegel

Once you suddenly found out that things at you become more and more, and free space less. And what exit? Correctly - to buy a case - a compartment! But now the furniture companies offer such product range that it is easy for ignorant person to get confused. But we will help you to learn more about accessories to cases - a compartment. So, for example, what is Schlegel? It is a sealant - the shock-absorber at end faces of doors which is used for providing a dense prileganiye to sidewalls of doors. Also Spiegel prevents hit of dust in a case and softens closing of doors. Do Spiegel in different color scale and usually select under a shade of doors. Thanks to correctly established shpegelyam you will be able easily and silently 40000 times to open doors of your case - a compartment. Shchet an internal sealant - the second name of Schlegel. Thanks to the increased elasticity, serves ability to spring and take the initial form and situation after compression - a brush sealant as the buffer in cases - a compartment between a door and a wall of a case when closing. The similar name of a buffer tape - a brush - a boot as the brush does not pass dust in a case - a compartment. Plus to everything the buffer tape does not absorb moisture therefore a favorable environment for emergence and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and microbes is not created. More resistant polypropylene basis 8 mm wide allows to increase the area of drawing glue structure and to respectively increase the area of gluing of a brush to a profile surface that excludes its unsticking from a profile. In order that the case and its accessories, including, Schlegel, functioned longer, it is necessary to follow service regulations. The room has to be dry and heated, but not overdried. It is necessary to open and close doors carefully, in order to avoid Schlegel`s damage. It is desirable to watch purity in the lower directing doors, to do it by the vacuum cleaner. It is forbidden to change a design of already established case independently. Following these simple rules, you for a long time prolong service life of the case - a compartment!