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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 14 - 15? “Uncontrollable“, etc.

Here and the second week of August slowly comes to the natural termination in the form of deserved days off. The season of summer film novelties also gradually comes to the end, but comes to the end adequately because this week we will be able to contemplate several long-awaited film premieres at the Russian movie theaters.

All debutants nine, including one absolute Hollywood fighter, the new youth dancing three-dimensional melodrama, the psychological thriller, the English musical drama, the French drama with Belmondo, the documentary about hotel, the military drama about Lebanon, the international historical project with Uillem Defoe`s participation and a biographic tape about the Japanese writer Misim. And now is more detailed:

1. “Uncontrollable“ (The Expendables). After triumphal return to big cinema the tapes “Rocky Balboa“ and “Rambo 4“, Sylvester “Slay“ Stallone did not begin to be satisfied on pleasure to the numerous admirers with what has already been achieved. He promised all to shoot the real man`s action film in the best traditions of a genre and Stallone. And he removed it! At this Stallone, being not only the director and the coauthor of the scenario, but also the leading man, invited in the movie of many stars of fighters, having stuffed the creation with testosterone to the full. Besides Slaya Jason Statham, Jet Li, Terry Kryus, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke and Dolph Lundgren also take part in a picture. Well and, by itself, so long-awaited kameo two pillars of a genre, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Generally, if a man`s half also has to leave in these days off the sofas and garages, then only for the sake of the company “Uncontrollable“ Stallone.

2. “3D step forward“ (Step Up 3 - D). the Trequel of a youth melodramatic tape very uncertainly started in the homeland, without having managed to pay back in premier week the, in general, very modest budget in 30 million. Whether teenagers did not like 3D realization, whether the subject demands some modernization, but not stupid copying from the movie in the movie. A story about how all at first is impossible to foul dancers, and then sharply turns out and they win against all and all - frankly already set the teeth on edge. In May the viewer already managed to see enough of “Street Dance 3D“ whose unenviable destiny had to serve as caution to creators of the third part of “Step forward“. But, alas, the young director John Chu could not repeat the success of biennial prescription. Nevertheless, from the point of view of the drive and demonstration of modern dancing trends, this picture is quite professional and visually nice.

3. “Room of death“ (The Killing Room). Johnathan Libesman for the first time declared himself, having removed a very good horror film “Darkness comes“ (2003). Then the prequel “The Texas slaughter by the chiansaw followed: Beginning“ (2006). Well it is also worth noting that Libesman appears as the director of the ambitious and expected “Fight for Los - Andzheles“ project about whom it was much told on the past ComicCon’ 2010. “The room of death“ - the last year`s work the director which is taken over by the audience very ambiguously. On the one hand before us seemingly next reincarnation “Cuba“ and “Saws“, the psychological thriller about interaction of people in the closed space. With another in order that the hackneyed plot played new paints, new, original ideas which at Libesman, apparently, near at hand did not appear are necessary. As a result the product left standard, it is possible even to tell, average. It is recommended only to desperate admirers of a genre and those who respects Timothy Hutton and Peter Stormare`s good actor`s works.

4. “Sex, drugs and fate - N - a beater“ (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll). Ian Dyyuri is the character very ambiguous and besides unfamiliar to the domestic viewer and the listener. And, by the way, he is one of founders British the punk - fate, and in spite of the fact that already there passed ten years from his death, still the fate - performers in the homeland is considered one of cult. In this biopic Dyyuri`s role was played by Andy Serkis whom meanwhile the viewer remembers as Gollum from “Lord of the Rings“ even more. Nevertheless Serkis more than once proved (“Ink heart“, “Prestige“) that he perfectly plays also without computer processing.

5. “Person and his dog“ (Un home et son chien). the Exceptional case when I do not swear into that account that to a tape will knock 2 years soon, and she everything in beginners of film distribution asks. Because Jean - Paul Belmondo. The former French superman and a star of movies of action, thrillers, fighters and detectives, became closer to a deserved old age really great actor, worthy than a mention near such mighty names as Jean Gabin and Philippe Noiret. Any movie with its participation becomes if not an event, then precisely deserves viewing. And the touching drama about the relations of the old man and his loyal canine friend - not an exception.

6. “Chelsea with ice“ (Chelsea on the Rocks). as the Director of this tape about legendary sight New - York, Chelsea hotel, not less famous director Abel Ferrara, the author of movies “City of Fear“, “King New - York“, “Bad Lieutenant“ (1992, with Harvey Keytel) and “California“ acted. In fact, it is a certain gloomy skit, the guide to the rooms of the hotel in which lived in due time, spent the night, boozed and many stars and cult persons of the present - from Mark Twain and Charles Bukovski to Janis Joplin and Sid Vicious spoiled state property. The picture had to leave originally in the Russian hire on July 15.

7. “Lebanon“ (Lebanon). the Military drama especially based on real events of the First Lebanese war of 1982 - a genre for film distribution very difficult. The director Samuel Maos transferred the personal experiences to this tape, having tried to look those days both from time position, and from the point of view of direct participants. At a last year`s Venice Film Festival of his diligence appreciated, having handed to Maos of “Golden lion“.

8. “Time dust“. One more international project of biennial prescription as a part of which participants also Russia appears. The director is the most famous Greek cinematographer Teo Angelopulos (“Lumiere and the company“, “At everyone the cinema“). In roles - the famous actors and actresses: Frenchwoman Iren Jacob, her compatriot Michel Piccoli and American Uill Defoe. And, at last, in coauthors of the scenario one of the most great figures of the Italian and world cinema - Tonino Guerra appears. Generally, everything says that the new historical picture of Angelopulos, certainly, is worth it that the thoughtful viewer appreciated it.

9. “Misima: Life in four heads“ (Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters). the Famous American director (“The American gigolo“, “People - cats“) and the screenwriter (“Taxi driver“, “A mad bull“) Paul Schroder shot this biographic movie about the Japanese writer Yukio Misim … 25 years ago. How so age-old picture got to a hire grid, I do not understand. However, it does not belittle art qualities of this, certainly, fine tape which won in far 1985 a prize at a festival in Cannes.

We summarize. Fairly I believe that very few people this film distributing week will be able to challenge obvious advantage of a new Hollywood action “Uncontrollable“. Stallone and the Lionsgate company carried out very competent advertizing company thanks to which expectations of the audience literally read off scale. In confidence I will tell that I already managed to visit a premiere of the film and he completely agrees that the movie meets these expectations. Nevertheless, bloody infightings of mercenaries with R rating - all - a product ambiguous therefore both the melodrama “Step Forward 3D“, and old residents of hire “Beginning“ and “Schoolmates“ still collect halls and bring the quite good sums in the cash desk.