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Meet on clothes? We put on intelligently

Gathering for a business meeting or a friendly party, we every time face the same problem: what to dress? And every time, strangely enough, we come to the same conclusion - there is nothing to dress. Even if the clothes are crowded, and looking in a case, we see a heap of jackets and short skirts unclear there where when and in what case acquired, result one: well there is nothing to put on.

B than reason of feeling of a constant dissatisfaction with own clothes? In fact, ability to look beautiful and, the most important, pertinently, depends not on quantity of clothes in clothes, and on its combinatory ability. Ability to combine various elements of the clothes in one dress - the most valuable quality of any modern woman of fashion.

Studying fashionable tendencies of the current season, I noted two features - lack of a strict orientation of style and total mixture of materials, styles and flowers. And it only facilitates to us a task. For example, the color unity of a handbag and footwear which quite recently was considered obligatory and, actually, classical, is considered by today`s fashion designers nearly as bad manners.

At the same time the increasing importance are got by various accessories. Now, to go in step with fashion it is, enough, for example, to pick up the scarf or a bracelet and a clutch which are in harmony on color. And it, you see, is much more convenient, than to look for pair of shoes suitable under each handbag.

As for variations with fabrics and invoices, then - an immense scope for flight of the creative imagination. A combination of transparent blouses to dense corsets, the flying silk - with a fundamental kotton, the smooth atlas - with fleecy velveteen. Any most courageous tandems of materials are admissible. And the more originally, the more actually. The main thing - to know when to stop.

In color scale prevail colors zolotisto this fall - beige and mustard shades. Pleasant news to adherents of a noble combination in the grace black with red in the spirit of Stendhal: the classics is still immortal and especially actual in the current season.

I finally, an unconditional trend of a season fall - winter of 2010 - big shoulders in style 80 - x. As we see, everything falls back into place, and fashionable tendencies not an exception. So safely get broad-shouldered jackets from grandmother`s chests, add modern accessories and experiment!