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How to die healthy?

On 29 - the m to year of life died Efimy Nikodimsky - the author of books “How to Live Up to 100 Years“, “About Healthy Nutrition“, “Why Alcohol and Tobacco Are Harmful“, “Live without Diseases“ and many others - the scientist, the researcher, the devotee and the ardent popular writer of a healthy lifestyle.

All time which is released to it he professed separate food, went to any weather barefoot, took an ice shower and even swam in an ice-hole in the summer. Quinsy, simple quinsy ruined this remarkable person.

Powerful and tempered (and at all even not exhausted as physicians declare) the organism did not sustain a nervous tension of the last months. The scientist`s family did not understand him at all, did not accept his doctrine, refused to lead a healthy lifestyle and threw out the food cooked by Efimy in a garbage can, and finally started frank persecution.

A last straw was the ban on grinding by mix from cow and horse manure which Efimy applied in recent days, struggling with a fatal illness. The brilliant scientist died misunderstood dear people, but did not betray the doctrine, having shown an example of firmness to the pupils.

Already being on the deathbed, he refused flatly to accept their so-called “drugs“ from hands of relatives in spite of the fact that relatives acted with a rough power method, with involvement of psychiatrists and militias.

And on a funeral these barbarians made the real scandal. The great-grandfather of the dead, 106 - summer Ilya Borisovich, being under the influence of tobacco and heavy alcoholic beverages, grabbed and threw out group of followers of Efimy (16 people) for a cemetery fence.

While they everything for one hour were released from hospital! All of them lead many years a healthy lifestyle and quite recently received disability of 1 group.

As then it became clear, Ilya Borisovich was revolted by attempt of pupils of Efimy to remember the dead, having drunk at the same time a teaspoon of vegetable oil and having had a snack on dandelion roots.

The elderly person, unfortunately, did not read books of the great-grandson and did not know that the vegetable oil drunk in the morning together with dandelion roots perfectly brings slags out of an organism, lifts a vitality and gives a positive charge for all day!

The Efimy who left us within the last two years preferred such food. Efimy`s pupils, but old tried to explain all this to Ilya Borisovich and, apparently, fatally sick and deaf person wanted to listen to nobody.

Two hospital attendants about an hour more brought together Efimy`s followers crying with offense whom swept wind on the huge waste ground behind a cemetery.

When they were loaded in a luggage carrier of hospital “Field“, one of followers, having collected the strength, exhaled: “Wild country … Wild people …“

These words pronounced almost in a whisper was heard by Ilya Borisovich and, despite severe nicotinic and alcoholic intoxication, turned the car together with passengers. With the seriously ill people professing a healthy lifestyle.

Really - the wild country, wild people …