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How to grow in itself the leader?

As are much told about it and as it is necessary to tell much. Repeatedly remarkable articles meet a practical advice of leadership which it is possible to put into practice, and the small secrets opening methods of obtaining the status of the leader in collective. They are universal for those who already have some experience of leadership or own necessary qualities. For the same who at the beginning of a way, it is necessary to work over own qualities, so to speak, to grow in itself the beginning, to give life to the beginning leader, and then to pass to the developed techniques and to continue the growth.

So what each beginner has to have at the beginning of a way to leadership?

1. Purpose. More precisely, full definiteness and exact answer to questions: why to you leadership; by means of leadership to what finally you want to come; what do you want to reach in life?

2. Diary, or magazine of success. decided On a main goal, now it is necessary to develop ways of its achievement, both direct, and indirect, and every day to set for itself small tasks which need to be solved on the way to a cherished dream. In day in your diary it has to be written down from five to ten solved tasks. Yes, it is rather difficult, but believe, similar practice of achievement of trifles will lift your self-assessment, will give to self-confidence and will bring closer to the purpose.

3. Example of the leader. Children perceive behavior bases at parents, follow an example. In an our case it is also necessary to follow an example, an example of the leader. There is no leader nearby - strike up new acquaintances, the main thing, communicate with leaders as much as possible.

4. Example of success. In your environment also. Plus this acquaintance is that successful people impart experience and give advice. Individual council about achievement of success to you is much more valuable than the general conclusions from books or articles, it only to you.

5. Movement. Do not stand still! Perhaps, it is the most active process in leadership. You are engaged already in something, only began or long ago think, but all will not get down to business in any way - you have to remember that without the movement there is no both a life, and leadership. Do though something, anything, but it is better if your activity is connected with the management. Leadership is responsibility, it is necessary to be responsible not only for itself, but also for the collective, and now the main thing - experience, positive it or negative, anyway, you already have a beginning.

6. Ability to study on others mistakes. the are enough so it is a high time to study as strangers. It is necessary to address others experience, to collect all necessary information and to absorb it. And it is enough resources: both books, and audio - trainings, and records, and courses, and many other things. Now at you is what to compare the knowledge to, and is where to apply recently acquired.

7. Shaping. Here you create own style of the leader as completion of transformation at an initial stage, now you have to analyse yourself:

- to reveal weak and strengths;

- to define your behavior in society;

- to analyse behavior of those people whom you respect;

- to remember the tasks which are successfully solved by you - they are written down in your diary.

It is necessary to realize what qualities in the person and the leader are appreciated by you above all as these qualities as a missing link, it is necessary to raise and implant consciously in itself.

It is only the first steps on the way to achievement of the status the Leader. Considerable work is necessary to you, but, having made the decision, future leader does not stop. There is no limit to perfection - believe in yourself, trust in the forces!