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What the heaviest for the programmer?

Opening this page, at once take seat more conveniently, dear reader. You will take examination.

Try to answer the question raised in heading. I see a brainwork on your slightly frowned forehead. Long ago handed over nothing? Or this bowl passed you? Now it is unimportant. So, began.

Here you started and with pleasure looked at me … more precisely, at the name of article. Of course, creation of the difficult program, and urgent besides! The answer - wrong. The speech, naturally, does not go about for what our work - penal servitude. For them - any step can be a burden, except receiving money, certainly. I speak about the keen programmer whom complexity bewitches, and terms excite imagination. He, as a matter of fact, is also the real programmer. Will cope with a problem and will have enormous satisfaction together with … small money.

I see, examined reflected. Second attempt. Updating of someone else`s program! The forehead was smoothed. On a face - the understanding smile. And it is correct! It is much more difficult “to get“ into someone else`s program sometimes, than from scratch to write the. Not all quickly are solved on it. But if it is necessary? Then it is necessary. Foreign thought, foreign thinking. It is possible to incorporate it not always. It is possible to correct one, and to hook absolutely on another. So, here in what difficulty, you will sum up. No way! Development of the program of the left employee - process everything is rather fascinating, though very tricky. At a victory (and where it will get to if from all directions pressed?) - triumph much more. In a word - it is heavy, but is not deadly.

The pause is longer. Thoughtfulness is deeper. At last, inspiration! The word is “heavy“ - it speaks for itself! To move heavy things. Equipment, tables at repair of the room or resettlement in other audience. For this purpose distract from favourite work, sometimes per day or two, and even more. There is no wish? Of course! Foreign work finds not only male individuals. Women should sweep, wipe everything from dust and to preserve pots with flowers that “boys“ inadvertently did not touch them. I remember how at us in bureau did urgent repair to arrival of foreign partners. Of course, did not do without our participation. We in every possible way tried to accelerate process especially as it was extremely uncomfortable to huddle in “guests“ at neighbors. We even laid a network cable, without having waited for the relevant service. Well it turned out to work for my chief with both the hammer and a drill, and I patiently kept under him a chair that this drill inadvertently did not fall … Other men in bureau were not … There was no feeling of intolerableness also. Eventually everything ended, and we started the commonplace, happy and joyful.

Difficult examination, huh? Answers do not pass, thoughts are already confused, and I hung over soul nearly in a material cover and I demand, I demand … Aha! Reached! Work with customers! What opposite and unruly they are! Will exploit and will never tell that are happy. Will just keep silent. Call only when something does not go. But also the programmer can cope with them. To get out, agree and if to render a small shred of the advancing attention, then the client - yours! You call him a little bit earlier, than he, and you ask how development behaves. And he is often not ready to answer because he did not take a mouse in hand yet and since yesterday did not touch the keyboard. Answers with nearly apologizing tone. And then, when will face a problem, will not fly on you any more as the bomber, and will softly ask.

I see, you want to insert something, dear reader. I know that. Keep silent, please. I will tell itself. Introduction of the program. Again you will be mistaken. It not without reefs, no doubt. But it is the most remarkable stage in the programmer`s life. Everything is already debugged. It is not necessary to think, invent, adapt painfully. The product is ready (from the point of view of the performer, of course), it is necessary to tie it to other equipment only. Even if problems came to light, not attached it long will not dangle. The programmer will think where that is necessary and for whom it is necessary.

That`s all. The program is created, completions are made, repair in the native room too, the customer is tamed, introduction successfully took place. So where true superheavy difficulty? You are silent, the reader? Well, I will help. Except all aforesaid there is one integral part without which nobody will operate the program.

Instruction! To it the detailed and clear instruction is necessary! It is also a stumbling block for still not desponding programmer. He can quickly think that is necessary for the user and at once to achieve result. The objective is almost instantly translated in operators of concrete language. And nobody notices it! Sometimes even the programmer. But he can notice several folders of literary trash which needs to be handed over. Let, not literary trash, and computer typing, let not several folders, and only one. All the same, for got used to fly a sharp landing it is equivalent to crash.

I remember how I, having at great speed debugged the next program, collected all will power for writing of the instruction. I hurried to get quicker off the back hated freight, making the mass of mistakes and not too distinctly describing the modes of works. The chief long sat with me, changing where could, turns and leading “work“ to a tolerable look. Internally I very much became angry. Then there was the following program (as it is interesting!) and the following instruction (rather to get off!) . At some stage I learned to spit out them, and, to spit out more precisely. But something did not agree, and something was displayed by the integrated plan. I do not think that I was lonely.

Often the description of perfectly working systems happens to a world name laconic and leaving questions not answered. However, the spelling and stylistics are better there. But nuances often fall, and the last changes in programs sometimes do not manage to be reflected. The software product always though advances the instruction a little. Quite often happens that the program one person, and documentation does absolutely another, more to it adapted. Naturally, there are discrepancies nonplusing the user.

The most surprising that I met also programs which source texts resembled the instruction for their creation. Accurate comments described what is done by each operator. I represent, what is the time left on fulfilling the requirement of the chief. These programs were, however, easier to be corrected. But how far it was possible to promote no comments! Though work was conducted by the principle “slowly but surely and conveniently in the future“. Programs in that the EU - ovsko = CM - ovsky time became for decades, and they lost relevance much earlier, years through two.

In creations of experts often you will not meet not that the comment, and and logically clear style. Everything is so peculiar wound what it is dangerous to touch, and are surprised at what principles the program works? And it works correctly until you touch it. The programmer`s level, the less thirst for writing of documentation is higher. He is always ready to explain on fingers things, clear for himself and is sincerely surprised that they are not always clear to others.

Here we also answered the question posed. Examination is ended. But where you, lovely reader? Give the record book. As what for? I Will give an excellent mark. Why excellent? You so tried. Touched all options, thought. For now you reflected, I also finally understood that the heaviest for the programmer …