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How to accustom the child to kindergarten?

As are shown by practice, for many mummies, and even for some daddies, the first visits by the child of kindergarten are very painful. Sometimes even not clear, the worse - to the kid or his parents. Therefore will be not superfluous to give simple advice as at small expenses and a maximum of patience to make so that was not to listen excruciatingly painful howl also lamentations, and at times and charges from the darling of a chadushka.

Council the first. It is necessary to train the child for kindergarten not suddenly, and practically since the birth. Be not surprised. If you for a second do not leave, even in a toilet, I`m sorry, wear the jewelry, then it is not surprising that she will howl when you leave it for half a day with foreign aunty. Gradually, minute behind a minute, accustom to play the child independently . Of course, do not forget about safety: dangerous objects, the hanging-down cloths and so forth - to clean.

Further councils will go for those who conduct the child in kindergarten at the age of about two years and are more senior.

Council of the second. Learn a day regimen in kindergarten and it, generally regarding tries to adhere a little at least to meal and a dream.

Council the third. Accustom to a pot and to ability to use toilet paper. Be not afraid, and just let`s it houses practise, believe, he in kindergarten with pride will show then the abilities, than will deserve a praise.

Council the fourth. Do not overpraise kindergarten. Like, there are a lot of toys, good children and aunts just wait for it will not wait. However, also do not frighten that here you will go to kindergarten, there you will be quickly brought up. Just tell that there is such house where mothers take away children to play, still work. Best of all pick up a work of art where the hero goes to kindergarten.

Council the fifth. Get acquainted with group and tutors in advance. Tell them about the kid a little, only you do not teach them to bring up him supposedly this he does not love, and here so cannot. Believe, there both love, and can, behind that you it there and you send.

Council of the sixth. Clothes. Footwear. Fasteners convenient, ties reliable, all by the size and on a season. The child should run, climb and jump there, and it is not really convenient to do it in ceremonial shoes on a slippery sole or in narrow fashionable panties with a hard fastener.

Council of the seventh. Accustom is independently . Yes, kids have to be finished feeding, but it somehow is not absolutely pleasant to them: all around ate, and as small feed you from a spoon. Let will better eat and with a proud look will tell “thanks“, the self-respect is so developed.

Council of the eighth. Try to find contact with the teacher. Resolve all arisen issues quietly and tactfully.

Council the ninth. Try to get the necessary accessories for the child , and let him know about it.

Council the tenth. You speak with the child, you tell much and about everything: what ate with whom played with whom

at the end council without number fought etc., just it is most important. You love the child that he for a second did not have thoughts that he is alienated that about it forgot that it will not be taken away.