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Mating dance of animals: you do not find similarity?.

Are mistaken those who think that we, people, are other than animals in the rituals of seduction and in the victims on which we go for the sake of representatives of an opposite sex. As well as we, animals from a skin of wons climb to make impression, at the same time stimulating different sense organs of the elects...

We put on the best clothes when we go for appointment, girls are painted to look brighter and more effective. In this way coloring of many animals, especially birds, with approach of the marriage period becomes much more picturesque too. The peacock spreads the magnificent tail, a bird - the shalashnik equips the real mansion which he decorates with bright and brilliant objects. Glowworms attract each other with the luminescence which is the coded signal.

We will eat serenades and we pay each other compliments. Animals by means of a voice show the feelings and frighten off rivals. Crickets chirr, Madagascar cockroaches hiss, sea horses have about 400 songs in the repertoire, each of which means any shade of desire. Love songs of whales which it is heard at distance in several hundreds of kilometers sometimes last over 20 hours.

We use fragrant spirits, and males of hippopotamuses by means of tails spray the... excrements, stimulating with that olfactory receptors of females. For them this smell - an incomparable fragrance. Many animals use for a prelshcheniye of an opposite sex natural spirits - pheromones. Males of some night moths are capable to feel a smell of pheromones of a female at distance of ten kilometers!

We “incidentally“ concern each other, we hold hands, and elephants bind trunks, turtles - men by means of the long nails “mass“ the head and a neck of the darlings. And alligators knock each other on a nose, are pushed and rub a back...

We invite girls in restaurants, and they treat us with own hand made foods. The food factor, whatever one may do, plays an important role and in the course of courting. Through flavoring receptors the way and to heart of some animals lies. In the course of courting slugs... taste each other. Skorpionovy flies - males give to females an insect, thereby distracting them from eating of the admirers. And here some males of spiders, mantises and scorpions are less ingenious, and after pairing become a lunch of females. Than not fatal love?

Dispute for a female at many animals come to an end with fights. As well as at people, ladies often provide advantage to “bad children“ - the largest and aggressive males. At other animals of courting occurs more quietly, and even not without romanticism. We give to girls different stones, and Adele`s penguins give to the darlings a part of (in the form of feathers). Crabs - mechekhvosta agree to a meeting only on beaches - in moonlight flight nights!

Which - who a beret obstinacy. For example, the hedgehog goes around a female within several hours, even will not receive the answer, positive for it, yet. There are also gigolos - the male of an anglerfish is attached to a female, decreases in sizes and completely eats at her expense...