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The page of the Heat

the Page of the Heat

K eight a fiery star already creeps out morning from - for a maple which shot up level with a five-storey building roof. Day, according to forecasts, again hot - to forty degrees … It on the sun, right in the sun - walls of houses, asphalt will heat up. And somewhere in a shadow (only where it, a shadow - that?!) “only“ thirty eight …

Sunshine illuminate plus through lifeless foliage. Though slightest whiff of a breeze!. So not, air stood, it is immobilized. we Will endure

one more day. Let`s creep through it.

Is time to close windows, a balcony. Otherwise - trouble, alive we will fry …

… Yes, not to forget about drugs.

From TV screens say to us what a similar heat, having been complicated by the awful fires honor across all Russia, Ukraine (tens of people died, thousands of houses were gone, completely forest villages … burned down) - such heat over the country burst FOR THE FIRST TIME in about 130 years of history of meteorological observations!. The head of one of the Russian weather services reported that, judging by his “archive“, similar wild weather was established for the first time for THOUSAND years!. (interestingly, “archive“ analyzes chronicles of Kievan Rus`?) - and other chief called in general 5000 years!. How about that!

For the first time for?.

Or simply - for the first time?. For the first time since the time of the died-out dinosaurs?! (he agrees, a joke not the most successful)

… Really “came for us“? Or (again for fun) “our time came“?. Time to free the exhausted unfortunate Earth from wild “tekhnogenno“ - spiritless, heartless presence?

would not be desirable to die out after pangolins.

On branches of a huge maple, the aggressive newcomer, “American“, at the time of “the developed socialism“ excluded from quarantine lists because of senselessness of further fight (we will call things by their proper names - because of unconditional surrender!) - on its branches slightly considerably turn green and slightly “ashkeys“ rock. “Socialism“ evaporated as water during this heat (by miracle remained only in subpolar Scandinavia), and seeds - ashkeys still attack our territories.

a week More - another, and they will turn yellow (as the foliage of poor chestnuts turned yellow already), will depart in “the Cossack hundreds“ - to sow, occupy new territories.

Changes flora, the vegetation considerably changed.

became steppe and even semidesertic types (it seems, even in Belarus steppe sites not of the primitive nature appeared), quarantine weeds More. They it is persistent, year after year force out local, native flora. “Newcomers from the South“ - quite so I was going to call a series of sketches about this not too evident trouble (the couple concerning a subject appeared on this website - ru/archive/0/n - 32300/, ru/archive/0/n - 33133/, ru/archive/0/n - 32973/).

to Stories about the new, changed nature still will come time.

Seven o`clock in the morning. The old willow that failed a week ago, released a scope before windows of my former kitchen. A trunk, falling under sudden blow of heavy wind, entrained then two near trees - more precisely, their tops - as if cut off machete.

But now before eyes opened new space. And if not a stench from neighbour`s apartments (bark of dogs and drunk voices) if not closeness and a heat - it is absolutely good!

the Daughter with the company moved “on the South“, having left “modest defeat“ in the one-room apartment, garbage, an untidy bed, ware and dirty sinks - slowly, gradually, that it is not sharp to lose forces, I bring order.

I Spray clear water “the Chinese rose“ - it without attention absolutely withered right in the sun, it categorically contraindicated. Brought to the room from a balcony - while the drought burns out the earth, let will live here - if survives, of course. During stay in “a balcony reservation“ (generally it always stood in the apartment - I do not understand why it in French “vyper`l“ outside - stirred?.) leaves drooped burdocks. Hang as moist rags. And the part already also fell down …

… Eyes enjoy soft transitions of plumose and cumulus clouds (they slowly float on the sky - there, in bright blue, there lives wind), the movements of birds - on a long slanting break of a willow (just at the level of our third floor) titmouses, and behind them a noisy sharp woodpecker pereparkhivat.

Swears eternally dissatisfied jay.

The other day was heard a voice of a little falcon - he seldom arrives here, hunts to the west, there are more pigeons.

A in a heavenly height soars still some bird … Without field-glass not to sort. In usually so highly solar days swallows - if so get, so not to see to us the promised rain as ears without mirror!

BEAUTY!. - despite continuous presence - sounds, smells … acts - the person.

Sometimes the gloomy thought creeps in that to love people there is nothing.

That is, it is possible to love certain people - the sister, mother, the wife, children. But “all people of Earth“ or as there spoke, “all people of good will“ - Perish the thought …

I Understand that these feelings are contrary both to Orthodoxy, and to any Christian (not only Christian) the doctrine. I Understand

- but I can do nothing with myself.

Are remembered other words, from a TV screen. In one western comedy film the hero says to the workmate approximately following (that tries to prove that people - are reasonable!) :

“The certain person, the individual - yes, is reasonable. But the crowd - is depersonalized and mad …“

Approximately so. Alas.

Notorious “effect of crowd“.

I do not love crowd.

… It seems, I for the first time opened all shutters of windows, inviting a shy night cool. If plus twenty eight is allowed to be “called“ a cool.

But in comparison with what becomes in the afternoon is rescue.

Is surprisingly beautiful - as if the side between the close apartment - and the Nature was erased …

Here and actually the oddish and pleasant feeling - “level with birds“, almost in tops of maples, other trees - over branches of a harmonous hawthorn comes that are covered with the fruits reddening not with shame.

the Hawthorn grew under windows davny - long ago. Than not an example, worthy for imitation?

Yes … is necessary, it is NECESSARY to BEAR FRUITS.


A differently life loses meaning.

August 11, 2010.