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We fly favourably? The price of the air ticket

I am asked sometimes: “How at you it turns out to travel quite often?“

the good answer to this question will be such: “Quite often it turns out if not to overpay“. It is no secret that in crisis with finance not too well, and it is necessary to go all the same, and there is a wish very much. Therefore it is necessary to devote much time to preparation of trips and to think creatively.

So, about preparation. My motto - “Who looks for, that will always find!“, and the best friend in preparation of travel is a Network. At first I consider purposes of visit - sights of the country and action which I want to visit, then I make a detailed route of a trip. I will not hide, at heart I am a person, organization not loving therefore I take advices same as I, travelers independent - awd. ru/. Collective intelligence helps me.

Then I drive the desires into the budget. It is necessary to tell, my favourite budget is “freebie“, and then already “the maximum pleasure for reasonable price“. Alas, the most expensive element for some reason is departure from Estonia, from Tallinn where I live. To reach civilized Europe, first of all I address “byudzhetka“ - Easyjet. com, Ryanair. com or AirBaltic. com. About achievements? On them it happened to fly for 20 euros from Tallinn to London, from Riga to Brussels, and for 50 euros to fly from Tallinn to Frankfurt. Cheap at all, here it, “freebie“.

Being going to Latin America, I trace “freebie“ intercontinental. Often it materializes in special offers of Lufthansa, KLM or Iberia and if I find it, then I plan a trip according to dates of such offers. Most often I watch the Russian website of “Side plays“ and again I can brag - St. Petersburg-San - Paulo there - back it was succeeded to catch for 4500 kroner. Having someone, living in Germany, it is possible to cover the most part of the globe by means of the German special offers which gather on the website lturfly. com/.

We will take, for example, Venezuela. There it is flown more difficultly, but if to look - to ask any of Russians to buy you the ticket “from there“, then with landing in Caracas it is possible to travel favourably across South America. Thus I happened to move from Frankfurt to Caracas for only 180 dollars, having used two various courses of local currency, bolivar. Some impression about the cost of flights at preferential prices can be gained, having looked at the prices of flights on the website www. despegar. com. ve.

If to go to other side of the globe, then across Asia it is very favorable to fly on Tiger Airways or AirAsia. At the first company it turned out to catch the price offer on flight from Singapore to Puket for 15 dollars, and with the second to fly from Kual - Lumpur (Malaysia) to Seaham - Turnips (Cambodia) for 2 dollars at all. Yes, quite so: 2 hours were to fly and two dollars should be paid for it, and this special offer included also collecting the airport. As it turned out, and for me remained secret.

The Russian aviadiscounters became pleasant opening of this summer. In the recent past used them twice: with the S7 and Avianova companies. In the first 1300 rubles flight from Moscow to Perm cost, and in the second ticket St. Petersburg-Moscow pulled on 300, but without one thousand. That is for 50 dollars it is possible to depart to the Urals.

To think creatively - means to avoid the directions in which the bulk of travelers moves. It is difficult to travel cheap to time of high seasons - holiday in the summer or business in the fall. I will risk to assume that soon - at the end of August, the beginning of September - it is worth catching special offers to Latin America or Asia.

Considering that crisis continues, together with them there will be interesting offers and to North America, and across Europe. For certain!