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How much is free education?

All of us know that by the legislation, in the territory of all our country secondary education is free. But whether so it actually? I think that those who already sent the child to the first class and passed together with it the first year of free training in public school, know how this concept, “free“, is soap.

So how many will cost free education for the first grader today? Let`s begin, perhaps, with registration in school. It is clear, that after a garden of all children is distributed on schools which are in the area of residence.

If you accept your regional school, then everything becomes simpler, but here if you want to send the child to educational institution of other area, or it is better than that - in specialized lyceum or school, then everything becomes complicated. Let`s sort one after another.

Remember, your regional school will not be able to accept you only for one reason - lack of empty seats therefore reasonable parents always beforehand stand in line, in other words on the account, in the regional school. But, of course, is huge “BUT“. Already began standard to bring so-called “charitable vnosk“ which fluctuate from 1 000 hryvnias and to a certain greed of the principal at receipt.

In addition, you will be asked still in addition with an envelope to attach the statement for the application to accept this help, here only the sum can be specified less given. If you think what can be not paid, and just to lift a sensation, then it is of course good and rather correct option, but “one man is no man“ so look for support of other parents, and, above all at once send the child to other school. Why? Yes because life to your child will not be, believe.

The second stage, after receipt in the first class will become the first PTA meeting at which you with concept and arrangement will be told, and maybe will show “the price list of annual free training“, that is, contributions to fund of a class, to fund of school etc.

I it is only constant contributions, besides purchase of all necessary notebooks, books, even sketchbooks which for some reason cannot be bought in shop but only to order or from the class teacher, or from other teacher. You do not know why? I will open a secret - many teachers sign the contract with publishing houses for realization of their printed materials and have percent from sales. Here also count if generally in a class 23 - 30 pupils, and such first classes 3 - with everyone on 10 - 15 percent from notebook cost, and them around 10 - 15 in all objects, then not the bad sum turns out 5. And it only beginning of academic year.

In the middle of the year, for some reason, the question of improvement of a class begins to be brought up as here to study children 4 years and it is necessary to take care of their comfort. Also it is offered - “Let`s buy the computer“, “It is necessary a new board“, “It is necessary to blame windows“, “It is necessary to video of the technician for demonstrations“ and everything comes to an end “Let`s make repair in a class“.

As you can see if to count, then the sum for the first year of training will leave rather considerable, it even apart from all morning performances and gifts to teachers and directors of studies. So if you are told “free training“, then do not trust and remember a clever proverb “In life it is necessary to pay for everything!“