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there was a gloomy autumn day. Over naked trees, ischertivshy air an ominous dotted line, over the sum of the roofs shrouded in a drizzle was piled up a massive cathedral. The sharp spike punctured the whitish sky; and from each lane, from each arch, from each cafe it was seen sulfur an edge, this symbol of city antiquity which is spread around by hundreds of cards and guides. There was something mystical in its vseprisutstviye, in its equivalent oznachennost - as from the farthest corners of the lower city, and here on the height enclosed with a mossy wall.

From the desert observation deck curved by a wide arch, the city opened in medieval magnificence. The wall, gray from a dirty prozheltyyu, powerfully went down to a brown grass of triangular park, to round cobble-stones of the very narrow small street which was abruptly bent along houses; and magnificently the panorama of roofs, their dense narrowness opened. Brightly - orange in heat, now they densely reddened; rifts, skates, pipes and eaves seemed incarnate symbols to the forgotten life long ago.

Ratushny hours showed five. The high citizen in a striped raincoat, a velveteen cap, in the uzkonosy varnished shoes, very ridiculous, and blue, from uneven light the trousers seeming gray - was, likely, the only tourist who voluntarily left hotel for the sake of contemplation of the city. He, on - a last resort, did not doubt lonely effort of own will as did not doubt salutariness of the feelings generated by contemplation - but if the second was indisputable, and the he looked longer, the his green-blue eyes became more mysterious, then the first appeared incorrect - as soon as he turned the head. Surprise exceeded sensitivity - the long, breathless attention with what he studied the kissing couple was explained by it; studied until the kiss dissipated in air, and the guy, it is rough - directly, with hoarseness did not inquire that actually it is necessary to it. Fiery threads of the possible fight which was not including in the plans of the citizen in any way it is illusory flashed in air, - then, having smiled, he apologized, and turned away, choosing a further way. A fraction of a second - sufficient for lovers to indulge in the same occupation - it fluctuated between the alley at the end of which the white, slightly dimmed cathedral side was seen, and a long arch - something pushed to come into a cathedral, pushed and together did not let, and the citizen, was discharged of a parapet, with unclear attentiveness listened attentively to the sharp wind rush which stirred up graphitic boughs and entered under an arch.

Through pass removed to the lane bent so intricately that the fact of existence of a source amused imagination. The citizen has a look in dim windows, left finally from - under arches, and at once got to the pool which moved the contents to a shoe. Without having attached that special significance, he moved it is unknown where. Several lit windows interested him - in one there was a cactus, and over it the muzzle of a Siamese cat was silvered, in another - light was unhealthy, precisely flowing an ichor, and in its uneven layers the graceful girl moved. The lane did not come to an end, everything new turns opened new prospects. Near one of houses which had an unexpected lilac color he stopped, put a hand in a pocket, and got piece of paper, ischyorkanny the hand-written card, the schematical plan of a city core was clumsy lines and closely used up on top - that. It verified words on paper with the words shining at the corner, then hid paper, feeling need of a question - and the first comer - the old man reminding the pear squeezed in a suit was him - he asked about a certain street. That listened to a question, having inclined the curved trough-shaped face, and suddenly boiled - earned long hands, saliva scattered; the citizen was struck dumb, and was even slightly discharged, but thanked loudly, with emphasized politeness. And the old man at once somehow decreased - the impression was made that verbal gunpowder was saved long time, intending for other.

Following detailed instructions, the citizen curtailed into lean peeling of the lane. Walls of houses almost adjoined, but the gleam ahead was seen. The street to what came, was much more spacious: the epicure attracted a show-window on which fat sausage snakes coiled and fat tear cheese circles flickered. Further the hour shop with the whole constellation of an old watch, an antique shop where the chocolate Black child with astonishment looked at excessively intricate chess followed. Having passed the museum, the citizen stopped near the four-storeyed house with a flat roof. Windows shone foil pieces. The old door was opened without scratch; one of steps appeared with dredging, and the citizen, having stumbled, took off for the twilight, having hardly managed to catch the come-off cap.

On the platform of the third floor he stopped and called; the sharp sound proburavit an unknown kvartiroustroystvo. The citizen waited, then stretched to an oniksovy button of a call again, but the door was opened. In a yellow square there was a woman, it did not know her, by the way lack of necessary bark was remembered. On a woman`s face the fright was marked. The citizen greeted, the polite voice calmed her, the fright regenerated in bewilderment. He told the necessary name - it did not burn out a question, styvshy in female eyes. He repeated. She suggested that he is interested in the former resident, he confirmed. The woman shrugged shoulders - the dressing gown moved, and seemed as if the huge lilac bouquet blazing on a stomach is slowly showered. She told that she drove after death unknown to it owners here, and there was it a year ago. He apologized.

On the street he pulled out the scheme unnecessary already, curtailed it and click sent to a ballot box - so throw out a stub.

It was again given to fancy zigzags of streets, and after aimless wandering came to the small square; the red car it is wet shone under a plane tree. Here the citizen noticed that strange coupling of lanes brought him to the lower city, here was more briskly, light which was flowing down from show-windows and signs is ridge vyslaivat a wet stone. Near doors of fashionable restaurant there was a door-keeper - very impressive; the door fettered by figured bronze was half-opened, letting out the smiling couple. Further there was a museum of shipbuilding; the wooden caravel in a window polished with a black varnish bubbled white sails. He was late near a numismatical bench; the semi-erased metal plates which were roughly imitating coins grew dull on a sloping show-window. It came. Over the head the hand bell tinkled. The friendly old man who is tidily packed into a gray suit bezdvizhno stooped over a counter. The citizen on a polite look of the numismatist negatively pomotat the head, and began to consider the raznorazmerny circles of coins which are accurately spread out on a green velvet. Time lasted, complacent to thalers and doubloons - or its heavy drops as if knifed hidden and turned into coins?

The second-hand little shop arranged through three houses drew attention not so much with dusty volumes, how many Napoleon`s bust - huge and absolutely inappropriate.

The citizen came and here. High racks, the gentle dust muffling a shimmer of gold inscriptions and - splendor of albums on painting; the fierce luxury of Flemish holidays counterbalanced with the optimistic sun of abstractions. After that wide glasses of art salon were represented quite natural though the building in which it was placed resembled the small pool: it seemed, similar appearance comprises a graceful contradiction, a peculiar castling essential with excessive that did not prevent to use complaisance of the bony door-keeper who accepted both a cap and a raincoat with the learned smile. The citizen, however, noticed lethal emptiness of ashy eyes, and from this indifferent chasm the chilly chill sliped on a back.

The exhibition disappointed him - the pale dream of academism was not interrupted by a talent pulsation anywhere, and even wonderful city views turned into abstruse templates. He began to examine visitors. Treated them: the very young dandy of east type with issinya - black smooth hair, an elderly couple with the immense, sugary matron who was not letting out a sharp lokotk of the gray-haired satellite, and the clean comely old man, something reminded the precautionary numismatist. The citizen spent several minutes, finding the features capable to blow up an icy armor of boredom, invisibly, but noticeably thickened: the pink neck of the old man which is densely pressed in a collar, a trapeze of moustaches of the dandy, but all the same - wons, wons from here, to the city which

New flashes of fires, a solemn garden of advertizing were associated with the future fun and, confirmation of association flashed motley youth everywhere, the violet mohawk of the punk kolykhnutsya, precisely magnificent sultan; the motorcycle howled and the violent racer hitched up it on racks. In split of a fortification the hard, bent stream of headlights streamed, hripato brakes were heard, traffic light light flew.

The citizen walked thoughtlessly. Behind there was a museum with the whole system of music boxes; a porcelain bench where the tiny violinist tormented a graceful violin against gallant couple which kruzhevno stiffened in an eternal minuet; the movie theater splashing advertizing neon. Imperceptibly approaches to the top city opened, and the shrill cathedral spike grew. The shadow was thrown under legs, the citizen shuddered, having nearly stepped on a wet skewbald dog, and directed up a ladder.

Gate, leaders to the top city were so massivna as if hid not familiar streets and houses, and one of forms of a next world. Light of a lamp shivered. By compact movements the citizen came to be on the square where already happened in the afternoon, but to him the new foreshortening of the city device opened now, and at the end of the lane the cathedral ignored once densely grew turbid.

The citizen sighed a little, precisely complaining of inevitability, rounded a monument in the form of a huge palm; the sign, opposite to it, promised a cosiness.

Pleasant aromas of cafe tenderly filled a brain. There was pertinently sudden release from a potma of lanes, with mix of various feelings mixed a portion of the sober ordinary. Music streamed quietly; pogrebok offered various places - in niches, is closer to a tiny platform, in cozy recesses - corners.

The citizen settled, ordered a grog, lit, inspecting public.

Hot drink was brought in a clay mug, and the first, sogrevayushche - the gentle drink flashed fatly - amber feeling of happiness.

He drank a grog and did not think of anything.

Yes, yes did not think of anything, his look slid, flew thoughtlessly, is reddish - brown walls of a pogrebk, the photo, types, landscapes yes, here it is a cathedral with the huge spike, here it - in one of drawings, and not to leave, not to leave him Pay off with

and do not contradict!

You learn a through gothic style of the arches, and will see the whole lake of thorough, strong, bluish benches.

And here he stepped into wide gray plates of a floor, moved to benches; plates under his legs were decorated with the semi-erased drawings, he stepped on a boot, stepped through a pretzel curl, through a long Latin inscription

Stopped at a column

the Rigid touch of someone`s palm forced to shudder. He turned back. It was faced by the young pastor with carefully shaved face.

Advancing surprise, the pastor started talking, and his smile was easy as a shadow. - You wish to examine the temple? - he said, and right there, without leaving the place to the possible answer, energetically poigryvy a melodious baritone. - It seems to me you are a non-believer, so you are interested in architecture, painting and other old times? Our cathedral also really is nice, and, perhaps, I will conduct small tour.

In the offer something unnatural was covered, nonplusing, and there was a wish to refuse, to leave, - to leave, as soon as possible, but it did not leave - the citizen in a striped raincoat, and accepted the offer to learn - there was a painful wish - what will be farther; yes it accepted the offer sudden to the chicherena and now followed it to listen to the narration about body, body, - fanned by ancient glory and dressed by a shadow of high music and no matter how the citizen wanted to interrupt with a banal question fluent speech, he did not interrupt it, but listened, listened.

The mute body shook not less sounding. The pastor stood for an instant as though going to contemplation of grandiose creation, then started talking again, and here it turned out that the masters who created a miracle there were five, and everyone had so unusual destiny that special interpretation was required. All nuances of vital options - from bitter alcoholism, after torn away by works of chronographs to a devout monkhood were reflected in five biographies.

Then the pastor passed to various parameters, and in due sequence developed a motley panorama of the considerable facts and small details. The narration became monotonous, and, having relaxed for a moment, the citizen could not join in the story becoming more and more florid any more.

How many it is possible! How many it is possible!

He wanted to learn about plates under legs, and the pastor, seemed, was surprised with the question which was not relating to body. - Further I was going to speak about the well-known our department. - Give not about it, and that it is interesting to me. - With visible displeasure the pastor switched to burials; having combined anonymous greed with otupely absolute power, he told of the far resolution of magistrate according to which the prominent citizens belonging to this belief were buried here, under massive plates, designating the subject which glorified the dead. The priest specified down: Here, - he said, - as it is easy to guess, the shoemaker lies. About footwear which it did legends still go. Nearby his brother - the famous confectioner. The margrave adored his pastries, and refused to have breakfast if there were no rolls baked of

Citizen parade of burghers - boastful and tolstopuzy, pressing at each other and him seemed. Meticulousness of transfers began to tire. - And who here? - the citizen asked, pointing to a plate with abundance of inscriptions and lack of drawing. - Martin Luther. - The pastor responded, and immediately explained with a smile - About there is not no that, of course. Only artist, however, quite skillful, court artist of the margrave. - And where so famous margrave is buried? - the citizen tired with a constant refrain asked. The pastor stared at him - the teacher so looks at the school student who forgot the multiplication table. - Its gravestone near the gravestone of a gofmarshal which died century earlier - is in northern part of the temple. Follow me. - And the citizen followed, listening to the florid, magnificent speech about the art value of gravestones, and about activity of the margrave - not less valuable in historical aspect. He followed the pastor, but already almost did not listen to it - so he was interested in the small, slightly opened door behind which, in the twilight something flickered - something, carried away up, infinitely up. The citizen pushed a door, it began to creak. He was curious that is behind it. - There? Oh, anything interesting, so, old ladder Postoyte, where you? - the pastor because the citizen opened a door exclaimed, removed not locked lattice and rushed up so hasty that he dropped a cap.

The pastor followed the unclear tourist, previously having lifted a cap, seeking to stop him, but that listened to nothing.

That did not even turn around. Steps bore above and above. Narrowness the space and darkness did not serve as a hindrance. Something rustled, web clots, and dust flickered, ubiquitous dust clogged a nose, but nothing could stop - - -

Breath of the pastor tried to keep step with it, it expanded, fought painfully, the pastor could not speak any more, but only hurried, hurried - not to lag behind; the ladder broke, turned into narrow gallery, or into something else that was difficult to be realized as reality; then - one more door, and again rise on abrupt, wavy the hard screw to a ladder. The dirty ceiling lasted directly over hair, the lean windows looking darkness propped up it, precisely columns. About everyone in meter became already, more darkly, more closely. The pastor, smelling oats cried - on hundred to a yta on go di those are was torn after to the citizen, - We are pribl we zhatsya to a spike it not without pasno

Finally narrowed screw addressed in a straight line torotky flight. The obstinacy of the citizen was firm. It rushed to the ridiculous, invented, marked final, to the final which is impossible, ridiculous, absurd which just could not be.

Following rushed: No, no, no