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What to prepare with a gooseberry? Desserts of

Of course, the first that occurs - it are jam and jam. They and in itself are good, and as an additive to other dessert dish (for example, to ice cream), and in the form of stuffings for dishes from the test. But the same stuffing kryzhovenny can be prepared also without jam. So we will address recipes.

the Stuffing for pies, pies and pancakes

the Glass of berries is boiled by

within two minutes with addition of a chutochka of water and a half-glass of sugar, and the divorced starch is accurately added then and we remove from fire. As they say, the turnip more simply soared.


It can be an independent dessert dish, or be used at preparation of cakes and cakes (then it is necessary to choose the recipe of more dense consistence).

Option 1. In half a kilo of a ripe gooseberry it is filled 50 g of sugar and a pinch of salt, we pour 100 g of water, we put on a plate and we boil a two-three of minutes. We beat separately egg whites and yolks of three eggs, we connect, we add 50 grams of sugar and we mix with a warm berry weight (but we give chilled). It is the simplest recipe of kryzhovenny cream.

Option 2. we fill in Half a kilogram of a gooseberry with water (half-glass) and pripuskay on fire to a softening of berries, and then we wipe through a sieve or we crush in the blender. We add to whipped cream (100 g) ¾ a glass of sugar and vanillin on a tip of a knife and once again we shake up, and then we mix with the wiped berries. After cooling it is possible to make out cream a chocolate crumb, leaves of mint and fresh berries of a gooseberry, either whole, or cut in half.

Option 3. we part Two teaspoons of gelatin in water and we leave to inflate. In 500 g of berries of a gooseberry we pour a half-glass of water, a little bit and we put cinnamon to extinguish to softness, and then we wipe. We pound three yolks with sugar (200 g), we mix with a grated dried peel of one lemon, gelatin and we send to berries. We beat three egg whites in dense foam and it is carefully entered into cream. We display on portion vases / sockets / ice-cream bowls. We cool and give with whipped cream. Roll

of Berry of a gooseberry (1 kg) we pin

a wooden toothpick and we stack in a pan, we pour a half-glass of water and we put on fire. Having brought to boiling, we wipe, and in berry mashed potatoes we put 100-200 g of sugar and, having mixed, we shift to a baking sheet which we put in the oven warmed to 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

We place the weight which cooled down to a warm state on a foil or baking paper a layer thickness in half-centimeter and we dry or in the special device, or in the house at the room temperature (one day will be obvious insufficiently), and then we strew with icing sugar and we turn in roll. Troublesome, of course, but such roll is well stored, even without refrigerator.

of the Souffle

Two glasses of a gooseberry together with a grated dried peel of a half of a lemon, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 0,5 glasses of water is necessary for

we extinguish to softness, and then we wipe. We pound yolks of two eggs with 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, we put to berries and we hold on weak fire even minutes 5. Having removed from a plate, we add a half-glass of white wine and only after that - whipped whites. At last, we display our semi-finished product in a form and we bake in an oven, not too hot.

Two glasses of kryzhovenny juice we connect

of Jelly from 400 g of sugar, a grated dried peel of one lemon, and then we add in advance prepared, i.e. inflated gelatin. It is necessary to stir, filter and cool.


Option 1. Having chopped 50 grams of almonds, we prepare mix them from 500 g of a gooseberry, 4 tablespoons of fruit jelly, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 egg, 2 glasses of kefir. We shake up in the mixer, we cool and we display in the portions.

Option 2. One yolk is mixed and a half a glass of cold boiled milk, a half of a glass of juice of a gooseberry, 1 tablespoon of honey. We shake up properly and we cool. Frozen

of Half a kilo of berries of a gooseberry we boil

with sugar (6 tablespoons) under a cover of 10-15 minutes, we shake up, and then we wipe through a sieve. We beat whites of 3 eggs with icing sugar (3 tablespoons) and whipped cream (150 g). Accurately and slowly we connect all ingredients, we place in the container and we put in the freezer.

* * *

Of course, it is not all recipes, - there is a lot of them that not to find room into one article. The most important that there was a wish to express, this variety of “dessert opportunities“ of a gooseberry.

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