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Chewing gum - advantage or harm?

invented Chewing gum in the USA more than 140 years ago. The inventor - William Sempl - only patented it, but never tried to make.

And nevertheless now all Americans, especially youth, very much remind ruminants. In the USA more than 100 types of chewing gums are on sale. On average the American uses over 300 plates of a chewing gum in a year. Costs of its purchase make about 2 billion dollars in the USA.

After World War II at the suggestion of Americans the fashion on chewing gum captured the whole world. In Russia it is issued since 1970 - x years.

Advertizing attributes to chewing gum the most various useful properties - strengthening of tooth enamel, prevention of emergence of a scale, elimination of a smell from a mouth, restoration in a mouth kislotno - alkaline balance etc. All this, to put it mildly, lie. And if as a part of a chewing gum - sugar or glucose, then a mouth turns on Wednesday for rough reproduction of bacteria.

When using substitutes of sugar - other trouble: at the long use they are unhealthy. And components on a letter E can cause stomatologic and other diseases (E - 320, E - 322, E - 414, E - 422, etc.) . The big problem is made by cleaning of the stuck used chewing gum. Still nobody plainly knows how to do it. And to give a chewing gum to children till 3 years in general it is harmful, it is impossible.

Frankly speaking, chewing gum is useful only the first 5 - 10 minutes after food as it promotes release of gastric juice, improves digestion and partially clears an oral cavity of the food remains (though the toothbrush with paste is better). Continuous chewing of an elastic band turns, as a rule, into an addiction (I know on myself, hardly weaned), it can cause gastritis and other troubles.

Long chewing of a chewing gum loosens seals, crowns and other implants of teeth. Even worse - to smoke together with a chewing gum as cancerogenic substances of a tobacco smoke get into a stomach together with saliva. So it is better to refuse the continuous use of chewing gum. All benefits which promises at the use of a chewing gum advertizing, actually, as they say do not take place.

When the person chews an elastic band, clarification of an oral cavity happens only partially, on chewing surfaces of teeth, and caries develops more often on interdental. Therefore, there is no notable advantage for prevention of stomatologic diseases of a chewing gum, and here harm can be.

When chewing gum gets into a mouth, an organism from - for tastes perceives it as I go and begins to emit the substances decomposing food. The organism of the healthy person will cope with it, though not without consequences, and here at an ulcer or gastritis chewing gum is very harmful, actually contraindicated. The majority of the flavoring additives which are a part of a chewing gum and products of their metabolism are unhealthy.

A conclusion from here only one - from use of chewing gum is more than harm, than advantage. In any case, it is better not to abuse it - chewed a little after food, and it is fine. And it is better not to accustom children to a chewing gum, let chew vegetables and fruit.

And all to you the best without chewing gum, cigarettes and alcohol!