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Fucus bubbly - an effective remedy for weight loss and treatment of many diseases?

the Alga a fucus bubbly (Latin Fucus vesiculosus) is known to people since ancient times. Still our far ancestors living on coast of the seas willingly ate a fucus and treated them many diseases. In total more than 300 species of seaweed with similar useful qualities belong to family of fukusovy. In Russia the fucus is generally widespread in the Baltic, Barents and White seas.

It is difficult to confuse a fucus with other seaweed, its long (to 150 cm) olivkovo - green or it is yellow - brown “branches“ have the mass of the pair air bubbles helping a plant to hold position, optimum for growth, in water. Most often the fucus grows in a coastal zone of the sea on stony soil, forms the extensive thickets which are bared during otliv.

It is simple to collect a fucus. The only thing on what it is necessary to pay to attention that in it did not remain to various sea living creatures which are easy for removing with usual rinsing in water. Dry a fucus in a shadow on a breeze. The dried-up fucus has dark is brown - black color and a specific sea smell.

The fucus possesses unique properties to which the official medicine, naturally, paid for a long time attention as folk healers widely apply it to treatment of a set of diseases. It is important that the fucus grows in sea water which is similar to electrolytic composition of blood that allows a human body literally without the remains to absorb in itself the useful substances which are saved up by an alga.

Physicians consider that the fucus contains a full set micro - and the macrocells necessary for a human body, all them was counted by more than forty, including iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, selenium, sulfur, zinc, phosphorus, etc. And also practically all vitamins, fine set of organic acids, celluloses etc. necessary for the person. Contains a fucus and unique polysaccharides (alginates, laminaran, fukoidan) which practically do not happen in land plants.

The unique structure of an alga allows to apply widely it in medical practice. Preparations from a fucus possess the anti-inflammatory, wound healing, regenerating, antibacterial, soothing, sedative, calming, immunostimulating, diuretic, zhelchegonny, detoksikatsionny, antineoplastic, anti-sclerous, antikoagulyantny action. And this list is not full.

I already mentioned polysaccharides, I think, it is worth dwelling upon them. The alginates entering them help to bring radionuclides and salts of heavy metals out of an organism, to regulate the level of cholesterol and vodno - a salt exchange, to normalize digestion process, to clear intestines. Alginates have a fine property to inflate in a stomach, and, increasing in volume to 30 times that gives feeling of satiety and can actively be used for weight reduction. Besides, alginates stimulate processes of healing of wounds and burns, interfere with development of an infection in the damaged fabrics.

Laminarana in a fucus is not enough, but the fukoidana is a lot of. And it promotes decrease in level of cholesterol in blood, strengthens walls of vessels, normalizes blood supply of heart and brain, interferes with formation of blood clots and malignant tumors, increases immunity, soothingly affects nervous system, promotes sound sleep.

It is natural that the useful substances which are available in a fucus affect an organism in a complex, exerting impact practically on all bodies and systems. Thanks to it preparations from an alga are actively applied at treatment of diseases warmly - vascular, urinogenital, respiratory and nervous systems, zheludochno - the fucus has no intestinal path, diabetes, a thyroid gland, asthma, an allergy, skin diseases, muscular pains and inflammations of joints, cellulitis, avitaminosis, dysbacteriosis, puffinesses etc.

of Contraindications practically, only hyperfunction of a thyroid gland and the increased individual sensitivity to this alga.

From a fucus it is possible to prepare various preparations - broths, infusions, tinctures, oil, ointments. It is simple to accept a fucus in the medical purposes. If laziness to potter, then to prepare from it special preparations optional, it is enough to accept a teaspoon of the powder of a dried alga divorced warm water to food. But it is regularly the simplest to use it in fresh food (tips of “branches“ soft and nice to the taste) or to add to various dishes in a dried look.

Personally I when it is possible to escape to the White Sea, always eat a fresh fucus with pleasure. It is slightly saltish and crackles on teeth as a cucumber. By the way, to vodka or to beer the fucus very much is even good. Only imagine, during a heat you sit in the warm sea on a stone with a beer bottle, and around the snack waves - whether it is exotic. The last time felt similar pleasure on the Cue - the island a week ago.

The fucus and in cosmetology is widely applied. Do oil, various creams, tonics and srubs for clarification, moistening, refreshing of skin, smoothing of wrinkles, etc. of it. It is possible to apply broths and infusions to these purposes, besides they are used for strengthening of hair and stimulation of their growth. It is good to wipe with pieces of ice from the frozen broths and infusions face skin and hands.

The dried fucus and preparations from it can be got in a drugstore. But that who appears on the North Sea I strongly recommend to reserve surprisingly useful alga which will help to keep and strengthen health.