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What to prepare for lunch? A lamb, cabbage and the Russian furnace

Bothered me to listen somehow to all the friends who spoke of mutton scornfully and did not want even to try, what tasty this meat. On all my offers to make the real pilaf or something else, statements at once arrived: “Mutton? Not, I do not eat mutton, it fat and smells badly!“

Ya - I know that that is here, in Belarus, there is nobody to prepare this yum-yum. And in the market it is not so simple to buy mutton and furthermore, to choose a piece having painted. And once, having invited guests, I obeyed nobody and, except mutton, for lunch prepared nothing else.

And I had Russian cabbage soup and the mutton leg larded by delicacies. I invite also you to a table! by

the Mutton leg

Having chosen a beautiful big meat mutton leg, I start preparation of all other ingredients of a dish.

I cut large carrots thick straws, three centimeters long and thickness about a little finger. The same pieces I cut firm cheese and the frozen fat (handful). Then I postpone pieces 15 dried apricots sour, pieces 15 prunes (the sour and tasteless it is possible), pieces of 10 - 16 semi-cloves of garlic (to cut a clove lengthways).

A big wide knife I cut pockets and I put in them everything in turn absolutely nearby that also there is no empty seat left on a leg: carrot, fat, prunes, garlic, dried apricots, cheese … and again … again … Directly holds apart a leg from the larded delicacies.

Then the prepared spices (salt, pepper of different grades, parsley, fennel, etc.) I fill in with a small amount of vegetable oil that the squash turned out. Now I rub diligent all leg and I put for 2 - 2,5 hours in a hot oven, having wrapped up leaky several layers of a foil.

But all - is ideal this dish it turns out at us in the Russian furnace! Slightly more than an hour prepares, a foil it is required more. But meat turns out it!. It is impossible to describe! One is bad: eat greedily in five minutes - melts in the mouth!

And Russian cabbage soup at me were successful especially

you Know after we on the farm had the real Russian furnace, I learned a lot of new about preparation of traditional dishes of the usual village.

It would seem, well what difference whether you prepare a dish in the furnace or on a plate gas or electro? And all - it is - available the Russian spirit or its absence, I to explain and I will not be. And here stages of preparation significantly differ!

How we cook, for example Russian cabbage soup on a plate in our apartment? At first we immerse meat in the pan filled with water, then we remove a skin, then we add in turn carrot, cabbage and other ingredients. So? Approximately so.

But constantly to get the oven fork a chugunok from the heated furnace in which temperature about two hundred degrees to make each operation nobody will become! All components of a dish are loaded into a chugunok at once, and about this most preparing lunch forget exactly until there comes time to all family to sit down to a table. Peasants work, the lunch prepares!

Here and I, having made the only violation - removed a skin when boiling broth, loaded all into a pan and forgot about it for about three hours … everything the known proportions I will not describe

Ya as for our family I cook all in big ware, I will just list all necessary:

- mutton;

- carrots;

- onions;

- potato;

- sauerkraut;

- mushrooms dried (1 - 2 piece) .

Having removed a skin from broth, loaded all products into a pan, brought to boiling. After that covered densely and left for about three hours on a tiny ogonechk.

Minutes for fifteen before the termination cookings salted, peppered. Got a piece of meat and tore it forks on small pieces. Before giving on a table put a lot of fennel and parsley, crushed several garlic gloves, added to plates of dense sour cream.

Well how to tell you what just divinely tasty it was Russian cabbage soup?! Even sent children after a lunch from kitchen … Approach and directly from a scoop sup everyone half an hour, sentencing: “Taste - nyayay - ti - a naaaaa …!“