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Whether the hobby can become business?

it was So died that since fifty years I began to work at home. Long could not solve, than it is worth being engaged. Newspaper advertizing did not inspire me at all - announcements of outwork seemed to me or the offer to work as the slave on the owner (and it definitely did not include in my plans), or roguish “zavlekalovka“, there was no wish to participate in it too. And what I could do qualitatively and with pleasure? Here at once the idea to be engaged in knitting also emerged.

I with pleasure knitted different trifles from school age. Later the set of everything was connected is both female, and man`s, and children`s, and just for the house. It turns out, I have an experience, let and small. I understand schemes and descriptions of models. It is easy for me to communicate with different people, it too for certain will help. Where to look for fans of knitted clothes? I decided to look for for myself customers, submitting announcements in the newspaper and on the Internet. My house business began with it.

Knitting - the occupation demanding assiduity, exact calculation, creative approach and big expenses of time. In character I am the person inclined to laborious work, with pleasure I will be engaged in some predesign, at the same time very much I do not like anything to remake - it is very a pity to spend on it time. Therefore for a start I considered the actions which need to be undertaken even before communication with customers. Here my first steps were such:

- made versions of the text of the advertisement;

- organized a comfortable workplace;

- thought over the accurate schedule of the working day and working week, provided obligatory day off;

- got a notebook for record of a name and a phone number of the customer, terms of implementation of the order, the sizes and data on a yarn and model.

Now it was worth thinking of what I can undertake that customers chose me, but not other knitters? That, having connected at me something once, became regular customers? After long thoughts there was a set of my personal rules in communication with customers which I strictly observed.

Not everything went smoothly at once: rewrote the text of the advertisement anew not once; it was difficult to observe a daily routine (I think, the organization of time - the most difficult in outwork, in any case - for me); first did not leave to quote the correct price for the work. Eventually, everything was adjusted. Approximately in half a year my work could be compared to operation of the debugged mechanism.

Whether this business can develop? Yes, of course. And there are several ways.

1. To think that it is possible to offer the customer in addition to what he is going to connect (for example, to a sweater from the same threads it is possible to connect socks, golfs, a scarf). It is possible to suggest to connect something “quite another thing“: tacks, napkins, plaid, curtains, pillowcases for cushions etc. (it it is good to show something in finished form, connected in advance).

2. Perhaps, for business came it is time to use wage labor - a vyvyazyvaniye of such here tacks, napkins, plaids and curtains it would be possible to charge to the workers, previously having convinced that quality of products will be appropriate, and terms - are by all means sustained.

3. The following possible stage - opening of shop - “Knitted Products in Your Interior“ studio. Ideas, execution options - the sea.

4. I consider as perspective also such option of development - cooperation with small private hotels. They can offer exclusive options of finishing of bed and table linen, production of small knitted pictures of a certain subject. Perhaps, they could are interested in a collection from warm woolen socks of manual knitting for the frozen clients. In the winter precisely would buy up. Here is over what to think.

Here so my hobby and attachment to the house turned me from the economist of a planning department into the professional knitter. However, my personal business stopped at the first stage. In such state it even not small, but some directly micro - business. Without further development process begins to fade. It as in construction when walls are, and is no roof - everything begins to be scattered and decay. Lack of necessary mobility and, probably, a lack of personal energy led to attenuation of my activity in a knitting field. But I am firmly sure that this business could have very good prospect. Very much I regret that the idea of transformation of the hobby to life came to me in fifty years, but not to thirty five.