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How to create the first structured investment product?

Want to share the thoughts for those who seek to create the additional income from personal investments, but does not know what to begin with.

This information will be hardly interesting to more skilled or taken place investors.

In the field of investment there is such concept as the structured product - it is the complex financial instrument which is specially configured for the specific investment goals. Such tool is result of the financial engineering providing the required combination of the income and risk in one “packing“.

In particular, the whole class of the structured products guarantees to the investor full preservation of the invested capital (or restriction of losses) and at the same time various level of profitability under certain conditions.

The structured product - the best decision for the investor who does not have sufficient qualification in for independent work in the financial market. In other words is the ready investment tool having the guaranteed protection against losses and rather high profitability.

Let`s consider a little in more detail what the structured product consists of:

1. Seed capital - And which consists of two parts B and S.

These parts of the capital are put in different financial instruments with different profitability.

Part C - in more risk tools which have big profitability

(for example in stocks, futures, options, Forex).

Part B - in less risk tools, but having the guaranteed profit

(for example the bank deposit).

2. The final capital - part F.

If we correctly enclosed part C, then gained the corresponding big income E. If enclosed not correctly, then would lose part C. But anyway income would be gained from part B and would equal parts D.

If it is not clear to someone, try to re-read once again is of course boring theoretical part, but it should be understood. I can tell at personal correspondence in more detail.

Now we will pass to practice. to you as to the beginning investor it is the, difficult most to make the similar structured product.

The finished structured products are available in any company which is engaged in investment, but the starting price begins from 500000 rubles that not always to well beginning investors.

Therefore I offer ready option of the structured product. It is possible to start also with 10000 rubles most, assistance is not required. So we take

10000 rubles.

From them 20% is invested in trust management on Forex. It is very risk tool, but brings about 50% per annum. I am ready to give advice and to connect you to the solid company working at the market Forex and guaranteeing such percent.

The remained 80% are invested in the bank deposit under 10% per annum. Choose bank with the state deposit insurance and the having rating is not lower than AV.

Total in a year, at favorable combination of circumstances, we receive 3000 rub from the first part of investments and 8800 rubles from the second part.

Total 11800 rubles or 18% per annum. it is not bad?

In case of adverse combination of circumstances, from the first part we do not draw interest, i.e. we return 2000 rubles, and we with guarantee receive 8800 rubles from the second part. Total 10800 rubles or 8% per annum. I.e. we guaranteed to

the profitability - it is time, and secondly had not bad chances to receive good result - 18% per annum.

I do not apply for ideality of my offer - it is only my practical experience for the last half a year which I tried on myself and it is ready to offer you.

In the conclusion I want to tell that it is not necessary to be afraid to take the first step in investments and it is not necessary to give in on the offers which are allegedly guaranteeing 100 and more percent in a year. It does not happen - believe, I know many people who pecked on tempting advertizing and as a result of lost all the investments forever.

Good luck and big investments!!!