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How heat influences people with a problem thyroid gland and how it will be protected from the exhausting heat? Sweat in pleasure!

Abusing a heat, let`s remember nevertheless how half a year ago, in frosts, we dreamed of that the winter passed quicker and streams of sunshine would embrace our whitish little bodies. Later half a year this time came. So we will rejoice to streams of the sun which we once so called on a visit and “we will be fried thoroughly“ without burning slightly as a stake on a frying pan at the skillful hostess! And for this purpose we have to know, on as as true heat at the person with a problem thyroid gland influences (and not only) and how to reduce destructive influence of a heat on an organism.

1. The sun and a problem thyroid gland

- to People with a problem thyroid gland physicians do not recommend to stay on the open sun. Moreover, whether doctors offer such patients during a heat slightly to be transformed to the Mexican, that is to wear hats with very broad fields and to apply sun-protection structures on throat skin with an index of protection against an ultraviolet not less than 30.

- it is good to b to be wrapped by

in a sheet, or to throw with a wide towel, and it is even better to climb under a beach umbrella.

- One my familiar endocrinologist declared to me that for people with problems of his profile “the sun-the foremost enemy“. In his opinion, the most well-tried remedy of rescue from direct sunshine - the maximum ukutyvaniye. I asked again: “Even the grandfather`s sheepskin coat will approach?“. The doctor in all seriousness declared that let and it sounds funny, but, actually, thick clothes or a cape - an optimal variant. Then “Mexican“ in the Siberian long sheepskin coat - the best for endocrinological patients in heat. Such is a position of official Russian medicine.

- However, the point of view that “the sun - the enemy“ for endocrinological patients in other countries do not divide most of doctors. There it is considered that it is not necessary to give special recommendations about stay on the sun for people with an unhealthy thyroid gland. Unless general councils suitable for ordinary citizens.

- Some physicians in general claim that the sun well influences a problem thyroid gland! There is no consensus on the matter. I believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle: if there is an illness of a thyroid gland, then all the same do not refuse to yourself pleasure from - for it to pobarakhtatsya in the southern seas. But also you should not bask carelessly in the scorching sun too. Perhaps, heat will cause an aggravation of endocrinological problems in you.

Therefore, sunbathe under the open sky from rising and till 10 in the morning, and then dive under a beach umbrella as moles in the minks. Or be wrapped up in a bed-sheet and remember the movie “White Sun of the Desert“. “Gyulchatay! Open a face!“ . Bathed and again in shelter! And after five in the evening you can leave your rookery under an umbrella (or take off a burqa in the form of a bed-sheet) and again sunbathe absolutely freely.


2. Skin and a heat

Always you remember the scientific fact proved by scientists: skin of the person, appears, has ability “to remember“ all sun that gets on it during life.

- Surplus of ultra-violet radiation can lead not only to banal burns, “peeling“, but also a terrible disease - a skin cancer.

- Know that of people begins to sweat at a temperature of air of 30 degrees and above . Yes, from outside sweating looks not really imposingly: an unpleasant smell, smudges on undershirts, shirts, jackets. But! Through skin, through process of sweating there is a cooling of an organism from within.

- “Sweat during a heat on health!“ - let and not absolutely hygienic, but very reasonable council (and for the process it is good to drink a lot of liquid). How many? Yes drink and drink! And 4 liters a day will be normal.

- Take more often during a heat a shower to wash away sweat traces from skin.

- Classify the skin. White and swarty different doses of the sun are permitted. But you remember the main thing: the heated sun in the middle of day is not useful for any person!

4. Water on itself

During a heat, whatever one may do, and needs to water itself regularly. Present that you - the flower which dried up almost to a condition of a cracker. But life still hardly glimmers in the boiling veins. And here watering itself, you will rise both spirit, and a body! Best of all, of course, during a heat to be at the pool or by the sea (the author chose the last).

When with a mask you dive deeply in the sea, to a bottom, exactly there drenches you with real cold, scolding even to bones. All this floundering at the coast helps with “a pair milk“, but for a while. A mask for scuba diving on the person, there is more air in lungs and down, to a bottom, to fishes. Singing a melody: “Oh frost! Frost! Freeze me!“ (free interpretation of the author).

If pools and the seas are inaccessible, that a manual easy spray for house florets is at each hostess! Well, at that at which houses flowers grow in pots. Any man can also come into shop and buy allegedly for shank and economy this plastic sprayer. Having such device near at hand any person can begin to sprinkle himself during a heat from it as though it is a house cactus, we will tell. Also believe, a grateful body and the person, absorbing moisture droplets, will answer with a cool and freshness. The matter is that water will cool a skin surface. The more on you waters during a heat (and it is better to plunge completely into it, as Ikhtiandr), the vetreny more cool you will feel.


5. Water in ourselves

After external attack to a heat by means of water on a body, we move further and we are filled in up to a mouth inside. So, to extinguish the fire in a body caused by unprecedented heat of summer of 2010. Physicians advise here to drink only room temperature water, it is desirable not aerated. Or green tea. I will notice, what to choke with warm unsweetened water in stressful time ares does not give pleasure . Personally my opinion, it is optional to them to follow, especially to those who completely trusts medicine that it is better than the cold aerated mineral water, such that directly “tear“ crept on a bottle, anything is not present! Or to a kvask and it that even cramped teeth. The greatest pleasure!

Yes, it is harmful to teeth, to some internals. But is not more harmful, than in the awful condition of spirit caused by a heat to choke still with warm empty water, lowering the level of the mood is even lower. I repeat besides that cold kvasok and mineral water - it is only a dissenting opinion of the author based on subjective feelings. From the point of view of medicine the use of ice drinks during a heat - is unreasonable. But on the other hand, SUCH heat drops out on our dried heads of times in 130 years. So infrequently, it turns out, we ourselves will “extinguish“ ice streams of soft drinks.

6. Wisdom of the nature

- In heat almost all small insects and animals hide in holes, climb under stones, are hammered into bushes. It - with an ulterior motive. The muscular movement during a heat promotes increase in formation of heat in a body (in addition to surrounding heat!) . Therefore, looking at “dumb animals“, listen to wisdom of the nature and its inhabitants. Hide under fans at home.

You carry standing easy slaps. Pull down a baseball cap or a hat. These are already well-known recommendations, but they really help. Also know: heat will leave, cold weather will come in the winter, and we will call the hot sun again to come to us to the horizon.