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And you tried salatik with a gooseberry?

of Recipes of salads at which there can be a gooseberry not so are not enough. Well, here, for example, such. Refined


, it is expensive, - and is not casual as treats ancient. But at least sometimes it is possible to afford? At first we fry meat (on 200 g of beef, veal and a bird, gourmets are able to afford to replace banal chicken meat with a game) with mushrooms (50 g), seasonings to taste and it is boiled 5 potatoes, two small sveklushka and three eggs.

Then it is small cut and mixed with another, also crushed ingredients: on 50 g of olives, capers, a marinated gooseberry, cherry, gherkins, a couple of small fresh cucumbers, 20 small shrimps (if you have crayfish tails - even better). We dress with mayonnaise. That`s all. Fruktovo`s

- vegetable

One kochanchik of a cauliflower is boiled by

, we cool and it is sorted on branches, that is on inflorescences. We take 100 g of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes and we cut on cubes, small apple is small cut. We connect all products. For gas station we crush 50 g of a gooseberry, we mix with the same amount of sour cream and mayonnaise. The last stroke - we add a tablespoon of lemon juice, salt and sugar to taste. It is desirable to take before giving in the refrigerator about thirty minutes. Yagodno`s

- vegetable

we Boil half a kilo of broccoli and, having cooled, we crush. We cut couple of cucumbers medium-sized cubes, and two sweet pepper - thin straws. Three two small roots of a celery on a large grater. We cut green onions (a usual bunch), parsley and fennel (on several branches), we salt to taste. We mix all products from 100 g of the pounded gooseberry. Gas station will consist of mix of vegetable oil (approximately a half-glass), 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, salts, pepper and sugar - to taste.


This recipe - from among the most widespread and at the same time - the simplest in preparation. To three 300 g of carrots, we add a gooseberry glass (it is considered that previously berries should be drenched with boiled water, but it grieves me to act this way) and we fill with honey, to taste, certainly.


One more sweet salad. We mix a ripe gooseberry (1,5 glasses) with circles from two bananas and we prepare gas station: we take couple of branches of mint, we cut and we pound with sugar (1 tablespoon), we add 1 - 2 tablespoon of liqueur or cognac and a half-glass of whipped cream. Sweet teeth like be pleasant. Fruktovo`s

- berry.

Three couple of small apples on a large grater we sprinkle the first option lemon juice at once. We cut blackberry berries (300 g) in half, we add 150 g of a gooseberry and on 200 grams of currant and the plums cut on quarters. We stack in a salad bowl layers and we fill in with the sour cream which is slightly shaken up with sugar or berry juice. Fruktovo`s

- berry. The second option

we Take

quantity of a gooseberry, equal on weight, and orange, for example, 1,5 glasses of berries and one large fruit. We cut a gooseberry on halves, orange - on cubes. We connect, we mix and we fill with slightly shaken up sour cream with sugar. We give previously cooled. Generally, quite simply.

* * *
Tastes at all different, of course. But fans of original recipes of a salatika with a gooseberry can be pleased.

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