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How to arrange bathing for eyes? From grandmother`s recipes of

We spend a lot of time at the computer, we read very much and we write, we so are tired...

We try to walk though a little on fresh air (if that still is available), to do in the morning exercises to warm up hands - legs. Someone also reaches the massage therapist, someone jogs on the sidewalk and if carries, on park or even along the wood...

We can go on a diet to reduce the stomach sizes, to go to the seashore to saturate itself with iodine and to decorate skin with suntan.

And a mask for hair it is possible to make at least once in a month, and manicure with a pedicure that it was pleasant to prove to be.

Generally, for the body and about with what it at us is filled, we still somehow more - care less. And here eyes... Yes, we often say that eyes were tired that the computer “eats“ our sight that if not..., so it should not wear glasses or lenses now.

I know several good and checked recipes from the grandmother and the great-grandmother, they at me are written down, and I remember only when secures“ or someone touches upon a health subject. Here and this time heard in TV - the program, remembered and when also experts - doctors commented on them and approved, decided and to share with you.

In my family such procedure - a good habit. Nearly an every day all of us “bathe“ eyes since morning or before going to bed, both adults, and children.

of an Eye were tired?

I Know

which - that not just about prevention and treatment, removal of fatigue, disposal of barley or an inflammation, but also I will prompt sight how to improve, for certain. I can believe the great-grandmother Praskoviya Matveevna Kornilova who in 112 years had absolute sight, passed, without aiming, a thread at a thin needle!

We take an aloe leaflet (by the way, only 5 - the summer plant possesses actually curing properties!) we squeeze out of it 1 drop of juice, we add 10 drops of the distilled water (in drugstores is on sale in ampoules).

In the morning as soon as woke up, dig in each eye on one drop of this solution. If eyes sick, also three times a day are possible to do this procedure.

Exercises for eyes

Is very good

, without getting up in the morning, to do simple exercise for eyes: two fingers of a hand to draw with the easy movements “eight“ (infinity sign) around eyes through a nose bridge. Occupation seems trifling, and actually, at once will feel how eyes “began to breathe“ in a new way.

Bathing for eyes

Pleasant procedure. Very much.

Leaving in the morning for work, put on a window sill from sunny side a crystal vase with water. By the way, the more sides at a vase, the will be is more effective by procedure, water will better be loaded with solar energy. If there is a flint, cool would be also it to put in a vase. In a day water will be gathered energy of the sun, such water takes off fatigue quickly and pleasantly.

And now wash up a face, remove a make-up surely, pour out this water in a clay, crystal or glass big salad bowl and dip into water the person with open eyes for several seconds or minute. That is you take a broad view in water open eyes.

Your eyes will tell you many thanks, and the world to you will seem to another, light and cheerful!