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How to make pilaf on - shukhsk? The main thing - not to add water!

As I left Kazakhstan when itself did not prepare yet, I do not know how to cook the real Kazakh pilaf. I cook pilaf in own way, according to the grandmother`s recipe. Always guests whom I invite to some event ask that pilaf was surely . The real pilaf as far as I studied, at us in Minsk prepare in Uzbekistan cafe.

Once to me it was necessary to go on affairs the whole day with the administrator of this cafe. Having come to me home for a minute, we decided to have a bite. I suggested it to taste my pilaf and received frank praises and compliments. She also told the cook about him. I give also to you retseptik. I will be glad if you try.

In - the first, I will make a reservation about mutton at once. There are people who sniff from the word mutton. They just did not eat it tasty. So begin already! This most useful and tasty meat. In the market choose carefully tasty piece. My acquaintances and girlfriends both eat now with pleasure, and ask something from mutton. Well, and pilaf... If it not from mutton what is pilaf?! It is porridge some rice, I consider.

So, I prepare in a big metal heavy pan. I, unfortunately, have no cauldron put for the real pilaf. Someone when moving to the new house “whistled“.

Preparation. Exactly for days previously I wash out 2 times and I presoak the transparent and not steamed rice in a large amount of water.

At first I fry in a frying pan in decent amount of sunflower oil pieces of mutton of 2 cm in size approximately. It is impossible to salt so far - it will not be fried, and to cook. The crust will not be. I shift in a pan together with oil. I salt to taste generously.

Very big or two average carrots I cut one in small cubes or straws and I fry to a crust in a large amount of oil too (so that it covered a product). I shift in a pan everything from a frying pan.

I cut four big bulbs small, I brown till gold color in a large amount of oil. I shift in a pan together with oil.

Raisin it is necessary approximately a glass. Only buy the small sour, it the cheapest in the market. Without presoaking, I scatter on a pan. The raisin will take away in itself all excess oil, and pilaf will not “float“ in fat.

Dried or fresh if at you grows, a good handful, I scatter a barberry on a pan too. If you have no barberry, look in shop for seasoning to pilaf in which there is a barberry. Too it is quite good. Tried. To steam of leaves of bay leaf - here.

Now it is merged from the wetted rice excess water. It is not necessary to wring out or decant through a colander. Merge so that from above rice of water was not. And now add a big tablespoon of salt to this gruel, well stir, shift the added some salt rice from above in a pan. Do not mix. And, the main thing, do not add water! the Head (not a clove) of garlic cut off

accurately from “buttocks“ that all cloves were slightly made an incision. Insert the cut-off edge into the center of rice and drown inside.

All. Now close a dense cover (it is possible even to press) a pan and put on big fire. Listen: as soon as begins to gurgle, let minutes 3 will boil. The main thing - a cover not to open!

Now do the minimum spark which is (slightly smoldering) and wait for minutes 30. During this time prepare greens. Chop fennel, parsley. Two turmerics are good to add a pinch.

Sometimes I add couple of spoons of the tomato paste made from very ripe red tomato.

Open a pan. Pour greens. Well - well mix all pilaf. Even minutes five let it potomitsya on the switched-off plate.

All. It is ready! Pilaf and cold will be simply remarkable. And next day.


rice - 1 kg

mutton - 1 kg

carrots - 1 - 2 piece

onions - 4 - 5 pieces

tomato - 1 piece (at will)

a barberry - 50 g

raisin - 150 - 200

garlic - 1 piece

oil - 300 ml

greens, salt to taste, bay leaf - 2 - 3 pieces

Bon appetit!