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Grinda. What for “a miracle - yudo - fish - a whale“?

of Grinda are a word not from the slang designating boots like Grinders. These are marine animals.

Grinda at us is better known under the name a whale - the pilot. The sort of a grind together with other

dolphins is included into family delfinovy. The family delfinovy is a part

of group cetacea. The suborder is called “zubaty whales“. And our grinda quite toothy: it eats that seafood which it is necessary to grab and chew.

Whales are pilots, or grinda, is everywhere: both in northern, and in the southern seas. Someone loves “more warmly“, someone is “more cool“ - and the last choose as places of the stay water spaces closer to Northern Europe. The name “grind“ - from Faroese, and is the North German language, it is from Denmark, from the Faroe Islands. Hunted for these animals there long since and with great success. Grinda is called still of blackfish because its usual color - ugolno - black. However, there are white spots under a throat and on a paunch.

Grinda sleep in the afternoon to hunt at night. And that plainly do not sleep - the part of brain activity remains, it is necessary to be on the alert, on a danger case.

At first sight, grinda seem a little slow. The movements which are slightly slowed down, measured. But actually, especially during hunting, grinda are very fast, are even prompt - speed about 40 kilometers per hour at the sizes up to 8 meters long and is powerful to 3 tons.

The most graceful creations - females. They it is almost twice less and more harmonously. But live longer - 60 years against “man`s“ 45. Grinda early mature: the male is sexually developed by 12 years, a female - to 7. Males often fight for females - butt, bite, ram each other. Some “companions“ and at appointments to the darlings behave in the same way. That is after “night of pleasure“ the female can appear all in scars.

Females of times in 3 - 5 years give birth. What is interesting - a back a fin at newborns flexible that helps mother to be delivered without additional difficulties. Already the newborn`s weight - about 100 kilograms! Such here “the baby - the son“ or the daughter. Also females long - from 14 months to several years “nurse“. Communication mother - a cub very strong and seldom breaks at the child`s growing. And, mother can give birth to the last child and in 35 years, and the lactation is noted also in 50. And it is even more surprising - females have the period of a menopause.

As it is also necessary to them by the right of the birth, grinda are eaten fish, octopuses, cuttlefishes. But the most favourite delicacy - squids. Also 30 - 40 teeth are enough for them not to have problems with digestion.

As well as killer whales, grinda peacefully, almost friendly, behave in bondage, they can be trained. Moreover, to train not only performed by circus numbers, but also in the scientific purposes. One such whale - the pilot with a nice name Morgan could get alarm devices from a seabed (and, from a deep water).

These animals very much sotsialna. Live only in groups, conducted by the leader (there is a version that the name “whale-the pilot“ is connected with the submission moment to the leader). But most often these groups, anyway, observe a certain domesticity. However, it is considered that also separate “barchelor herds“ can be formed. Grinda will even often organize the hunting. For example, usual scene: they surround the victim, prompting each other the following maneuvers by whistles of a certain tone. Whales - pilots too in the own company, “at one table“ prefer “to have dinner“.

But cases when grinda the group run aground are frequent. The reasons of this phenomenon - still plainly are not known. It would seem, both the gregarious instinct, and an instinct of preservation of a sort is developed, but, happens that the first suddenly wins against. And mass ejection of these animals on the coast - a show terrible, not from a series entertaining.

Hunt for grinda all history of mankind. And, hunt everywhere - in all parts of the world. Meat, fat, bones, fertilizers - what people for the sake of an own survival or enrichment only did not turn these animals into. Ways of hunting everywhere various, including - fanatic: to tire out with stones animals to the coast, where already to finish. Catch them and on a harpoon, often whales - pilots get confused in networks.

Conventions on protection of these animals adhere only in Spain. And grinda answer Spaniards with trust, staying directly at the coast of islands in Atlantic.

Nevertheless, grinda do not belong to an endangered species - exact figures of their number are unknown, believe that it is more than one million around the world (or in all waters). But where there is a hunting, grinda are destroyed by tens of thousands. So (God forbid, of course), can happen once, as in Yuli Kim`s song:

In the far North

fish - a whale Roams,

A behind her on a seiner

Go fishermen.

There is no whale, there is no whale, there is no

a whale, it is not visible,

Here trouble, here trouble,

To what is offensive