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Have a rest intelligently or how to spend holidays with advantage?

, as we know, prepare For holiday in good time, not earlier than before half a year. All this time we line balance, we look for the resort, hotel, we think over that needs to be taken with itself and what to buy. Occupied with this activity we inadvertently miss months of hot asthma, and this year not only hot, but also smoky. And all this waiting for the velvet season!

We prepare strenuously that holiday was remembered. Therefore in everything we spend working hours to a drop the forces for work, study, on courses on professional development. After feats at work we come home squeezed out as a lemon. Prior to holidays we try to finish everything in the house that were not in time in a year. At the same time we watch the children jumping running, home it is not necessary to go you and so at home, but the situation repeats - there are no forces. And all this that holiday was similar to holiday that all affairs were complete, pressed nothing and the days filled with serenity and tranquility passed quietly.

Holiday time when it is not necessary to go, hurry anywhere, to work, conduct wearisome negotiations, to try to obtain achievements in the area to look after someone to someone to go and so on.

Each of us spends the holidays in own way, it can be a trip to the sea, a trip the abroad or simple communication with the nature at the native dacha. Well, arrived, have a rest, here came back home, having taken with themselves only couple of knickknacks for memory bought nearly before departure at the fabulous prices, a set of photos and cheerful memoirs. It seems, will also be enough on it and it is only a pity that nothing especially valuable was succeeded to take whether not elaborately somehow it turned out …

A are known by you what is recommended only the one third part of time of holiday to devote to rest, partly not to leave a form and later, without effort to return to former rate of work. Partly because the person quickly enough restores become invalid in a year in the first 2 - 3 days of holiday, it is necessary for some more, but the fact remains. That the rest of the time did not pass imperceptibly on a plank bed, suggest to carry out it behind purchases.

It is not advertizing! These are rather councils of “experts“!

On holiday is the best of all to stock up with such souvenirs which will not become dusty on shelves, get values and “professional skills“ of that country which you visited.

For example:

Turkey is rich with magic spices, abundance aromamaset for bathtubs, candles, drugs. You can buy amazing ware from silver for food and drink in characteristic national execution. And in the homeland of the all this wealth costs much cheaper, than in our corner of the world!

Altai is famous for curative honey and collecting medicinal herbs which will also be useful in your economy.

From India besides spices can bring various grades of tea.

From Persia carpets and products from wool, and also to gain skills of massage, knowledge of bases of meditation at yogis.

From Eastern Siberia, in the city of Orenburg fir oil, the Orenburg down scarf, a ginseng (in translation from Korean - panacea).

Caught sense? Now you can beforehand plan before holiday that you wanted to get in that country, area, the region where you go. And your long-awaited holiday will not thaw as quickly as suntan!