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How to live with an unstable salary?

would like to share with you information Today how to live at the unstable income. As an example such unstable income it is possible to cite a weekly salary. Or various sort of a side job. And in such situation it is difficult to plan the expenses for a month. Why for a month? Yes because, considering that the majority of bills which we pay, come once a month. Such as payment of utilities, repayment of credit accounts, a payment for rent of apartments, offices, the ave.

At the unstable income to plan the budget, considering the above-stated expenses, very difficult. But it is possible. Now we will understand as to make it.

So, We get paid once a week (or every day, not an essence important).

1. For drawing up the family budget at the unstable income at first needs to count the obligatory expenses. That is those expenses which you are obliged to pay. Utilities, credit payments. Write down them on a leaf and count the sum of all obligatory payments. Thus, you receive the sum which needs to be postponed from the unstable income. I will take the sum of the expenses for an example. For utilities: 849 rubles. For the credit: 3354 rubles. For the leased apartment: 2000 rubles. Result: 6203 rubles a month.

2. Carry out the accounting of your optional expenses . Here it is necessary to consider only expenses on food and transportation to the place of work and back. About other expenses we will talk later. I think that you should not rewrite the post anew. Therefore how to keep account of expenses, you can read the Accounting of expenses of the family budget in my post. Expenses need to be counted for the same period for which you get paid. For example, I receive money daily. In day I need on food 200 rubles. If I received money weekly, then it would be necessary to consider expenses on food in a week. It would make 1400 rubles.

3. Now the main. How many you receive? It is possible that this sum is not identical. My example: from 400 to 700 rubles a day.

4. the difference between yours the income and expenses on optional expenses will be our following step. Spend in day (week or what interval at you between salaries?) it is so much how many for you it is necessary on food. The remained money should be saved. It is desirable on the bank deposit “Poste restante“. So you are protected from temptation to spend them. But you will not be able to earn percent from a contribution from such deposit. And why then “Poste restante“? Yes because at the unstable income money can be necessary at any time.

5. In a month on your deposit a certain sum will collect. From it you will spend part for your obligatory payments. And everything that will remain after payment of payments, can be spent for clothes, footwear etc.

6. Do not forget to leave money for contingencies of the next month. Your income is not constant and expenses can sometimes exceed them. Also you can begin to invest the remained money.

Here and all example maintaining the family budget at the unstable income. If something is not clear to you, unsubscribe in comments.