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Lard: harm or advantage?

“Get fat not from lard, and from its quantity“ (popular wisdom).

“Lard with bread - what the doctor registered“ . However, bread is necessary black, grain, from coarse flour or with bran.

Since then when people learned to store meat, they opened for themselves and fat value. The people of Europe and those former Europeans who moved on other continents especially love lard and eat with centuries it in a salty, smoked, boiled and fried look. At all times lard took a place of honor in the menu of villagers, especially when there were no refrigerators.

The fat use by our non-Muslim people (Muslim prefer and are able to store sheep fat) especially increased those centuries when to Russia nomads who stole cattle and people made attacks, but did not touch pigs (far you will not steal them - legs short). Lard always helped out villagers - tasty, quickly and conveniently. And feasts did not do without it. By the way, lard rescues from a hangover! Now even the official medicine recognizes advantage of lard for people of any age. Unlike fat of other animals.

The real lard is a subcutaneous fat with a skin. It is most useful in a salty look, with garlic or with pepper. And British and Americans eat intramuscular fat with bacon or a neck therefore they grow fat. Germans eat boiled fat with potato that too does not promote symmetry of a figure.

In subcutaneous fat of pigs cages and biologically active agents remained, as defines its usefulness. It contains many A, D, E vitamins and carotene. Such important substance as arakhidonovy acid which belongs to polynonsaturated fatty acids is a part of lard. This substance contains in heart fabric, a brain, kidneys, it is necessary for improvement of their work. Lard possesses anti-cancer properties, brings toxins out of an organism, clears blood vessels of “harmful“ cholesterol (especially together with garlic).

Other useful properties of lard: helps at pulmonary diseases; the liver treats; brings heavy metals out of an organism; in it there do not live parasites - helminths. Useful properties of lard are better shown if to use it in moderate quantity (no more than 100 g a day). As for danger of obesity, in America where do not eat the real lard, grown fat many times more, than in Ukraine where fat is eaten daily.

It should be noted that the arakhidonovy acid necessary for a human body contains only in lard and does not contain in vegetable oils. Judging by composition of substances, useful to the person, lard is necessary for maintenance of immunity and the general vitality, especially in a cold season. Only seal fat, by the way, close on structure can be compared to it. Biological activity of lard is higher, than at butter or what at us is sold under the guise of butter, approximately by 5 times now. Lard also therefore it is useful that melts at a temperature of a human body and thereof, it is better acquired by an organism.

In traditional medicine it is used from many diseases: at joint pain, for improvement of their mobility at injuries, at the becoming wet eczema, against a toothache and mastitis, for treatment of a calcaneal spur and for a hangover. By the way, a lard combination to vegetables - an excellent diet! A good combination - the salty fat and vegetables filled with crude sunflower oil and (or) natural apple or grape cider vinegar.

In conclusion it would be desirable to note that the person needs to accept 10% of polynonsaturated, 30% of saturated and 60% of monononsaturated fatty acids with food. Such contents meets only in peanut and olive oils, and also … in lard! So those who love lard eat on health, but know when to stop!