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To see light at the end of a tunnel of

to See light at the end of a tunnel.

to Move towards, povinuyas to bright beams.

That there, on that aspect of life... One light and someone`s flashing silhouettes.

to Continue to go, without being wrapped. Not to look back.

Now always only forward. And what was before? Remembering

, it seems now that nothing was. Only one flashing silhouettes.

the Circle white is white and, apparently, is not present not a soul. Long-awaited tranquility, eternal silence.

Is strange, but all others appears in familiar images here. Absolutely, to unrecognizability.

the Past escapes through fingers.

of Force did not leave, no, they as if hid waiting.

, Why I here? Life is not ideal in any its manifestation and the aspiration to recreate the ideal world, finally, leads to end, to obsession idea to create a miracle.

Standing on the edge of an abyss when the last forces any more on an outcome are not present belief in rescue any more, we see Light. Bright, attracting, it attracts as if a magnet. There is a wish to look infinitely at it, to feel its heat.

I does not want back any more. To the world where nothing is eternal where never to test a similar pacification.

I Catch on myself someone`s stare. I risk to turn back, without having seen, at the same time, anything, except a silhouette.

Pleasure rest. Perhaps, for the first time. Nothing similar never was.

the Decision to leave this amazing World, does not come yet.

Rather paradise place. Lack of pressing terrestrial problems pushes more and more to appear before the Great court, to trust. To remain.

Seems, I here already whole eternity. Time submissively costs. No, there will also be no advance.

Standing on one place, sharply I feel how energy of rest seizes me, tightens in the networks.

I do not Even try to escape. There cannot be a fight.

Only infinite happiness in an environment of heavenly bodies.

Feeling of continuous presence someone, does not allow to like loneliness.

All life is always on my mind. From time to time there are thoughts, images, motives giving a reason to doubt.

to Plunge into depths of the consciousness. Still there is time to return. While the getting is good. I Cost

at the end of a tunnel, watching leave Light. To try to keep in memory pieces of happiness, the interval of time which gave the chance to see other life, to enjoy paradise rest and ease.

Having recovered as if after very long dream, the reality appeared before my eyes and in that miracle which happened to me, it was not possible to believe. the Destiny presents to

the lessons capable to cure and direct to a true way.

to Plunge without the rest into the new life.

to Save time. As it is important, nothing to miss. To erase from memory time without sense, to create the small world.

Time stopped. But life did not change the direction.

Ya I will go further, leaving behind the past and the flashing silhouettes...