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Welcome to London, or you are ready to plunge into history?

London - the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is located on Hugo - the East of England, on the Thames River flowing into the North Sea. And it is not just the capital of England, it is its history which each street, each house carries away us in the Middle Ages, to other world.

To feel London, it is not necessary to know special routes - to go outside and begin to move in any direction enough. Will not pass also fifteen minutes as you will find the patch where it will want to be late. The huge, beautiful city which Dickens, Scott, Thackeray`s works made own property of each of us...

Where is obligatory to visit?

of B St Paul`s cathedral try to listen to a grandiose mass with participation of chorus and body and do not forget about “Gallery of whispers“!

A Tower - the massive medieval fortress surrounded with a deep ditch. Before the beginning of the 17th century the lock was the royal residence, Armory, the storeroom of jewelry and prison at the same time. In the same place a treasury of the British crown like our Diamond fund.

And still the Tower - the smallest village of London. There live 55 families - it is beefeaters. Guards of the palace in quite ridiculous dresses do not miss an opportunity to horrify listeners some terrifying story connected with this ominous place. From high towers of the Tower you by all means will see that well-known Tower Bridge .

Westminster abbey - the place of crowning and tombs of the English kings. Inside mass of interesting: a coronation chair under which seat once there was a stone Skoun (a relic of the Scottish kings); a chapel where Elizabeth I and Maria Stewart are buried; “A corner of poets“ with monuments to Shakespeare and Milton. There passes the service for members of royal family and their confidants, and only for them - the places noted by plates with names of owners pass from father to son within several centuries.

Certainly, the British art gallery with a huge collection of impressionists: Monet, Degas, Renoir. The whole hall is allocated to Van Gogh, it is a lot of Gauguin not to mention that there collections of masters of the English classical painting are collected.

Interesting fact! the Phone booth and an umbrella from a rain were thought up in England. As well as an elegant cane - an umbrella with which Sherlock Holmes liked to walk about across London. Also in England thought up to drink tea with milk - it still helps true British to while away evenings at a fireplace. Even the taxi for the first time appeared at British - the love to comfort does them devilishly inventive!

Nearby there is the Trafalgar Square with a set of various cafes that is very convenient. Free entrance, as well as in British museum . One of the main sights of the museum - fine library which was created at the expense of private collections of the English nobility.

Surely it is worth coming to Down - the Town - historic center of London. Near the museum Madame Tussauds there is Baker - the street, 221B. You remember? There lived Sherlock Holmes, and now here the museum. The greatest detective can be observed here, in little shop, trading in souvenirs: tubes, brelka, cards also we designate. Souvenirs in England rather cheap - within pound - two.

On Pikadilli Street...

What else should be made, being in London? Sweep on big wheel , it just near parliament, for 10 pounds within 19 minutes you will be able to admire London from height of bird`s flight.

Wander on Piccadilly. It small - minutes thirty slow walkings from the end in the end. Here one of the most expensive shops in London.

If to arrange itself a shopping holiday, then welcome to Oxford - the street . There is the oldest department store in Europe...

If you the theater-goer, then London does not disappoint you. Let you know English insufficiently to monitor action on a scene of drama theater - then it is possible to go to some musical theater, to the opera or to a concert. The choice is very big. Those who have time to stand in turn can try the luck in Leicester Square booth. There it is possible to buy tickets at half price, however, not on any performance. It is the simplest to get tickets for morning performances (matinee performances). Despite the name, they usually begin in the second half of day.


can rather the cheapest way be Had a bite in England in meeting continually in big cities of cafe to whom usually serve sausages with mashed potatoes (Sausage &Mash), in snackbars like Fast Food Shops which sell pizza and hot dogs. The lunch at restaurants is enough roads (main courses, depending on category of restaurant, stand from 15 - 20 to 90 - 100 pounds).

Pubs (Pubs) are in England the popular place of evening pastime in which, except beer and hard liquors, there is a wide choice of juice and sweet cocktails. Tea was and remains national drink of British. Drink it quite strong, adding milk. Recently popularity of coffee, but its quality not always at height grows in the country.


With movement across London of problems will not be at any budget: the subway by which it is possible to reach in any end of the city, to any London station, and from there in any end of the country. Journey to the subway costs 3,5 pounds.

The well-known English two-storeyed buses - dabldek. They are summer and winter to an open roof. Strikes with what virtuosity drivers of these moving houses rush on the London streets. One trip in a dabldeka will cost 2,5 pounds. The ten-minute trip by a taxi - and they in London all by all means black color, the same as phone booths red, - will cost approximately 20 pounds.


Expression of bank holiday means not a “bank holiday“, and “public holiday“. This expression arose thanks to the fact that earlier in holidays banks did not work, and other establishments could be open. It is necessary to tell that in Great Britain there are much less public holidays, than in other European countries. But the holiday which is necessary for the weekend is compensated on the next Monday. Many holidays in general are dated for Monday, from here and expression: bank holiday Monday.

Public holidays of Great Britain:

of Christmas Day - the first day of Christmas

of Boxing Day - the second day of Christmas

of New Year`s Day - the first day of New year

of Good Friday - good Friday

of Easter Monday - easter Monday

of May Day Bank Holiday - the first Monday of May

of Spring Bank Holiday - the last Monday of May

of August Bank Holiday - the last Monday of August

is Told, London - the city of contrasts. And this is true. Always such different, unpredictable, it cannot but cause feelings of surprise and delight! The last century - on one side, and a present print - on another.

About what carry on talk in Great Britain? First of all, about weather. So was and so is. And how can be differently in the island state? Weather there very unstable: if in the morning it is raining, then the sun - and vice versa by noon can shine. So people are simply forced to think of weather constantly. Several remarks on this subject are capable to melt mistrust ice between strangers and even to become the beginning of conversation.

I wish you pleasant and unforgettable travel to the city of Angels, the city of the valid contrasts and unique combinations of last centuries and spirit of the present. You are ready to plunge into history? Then welcome to London! Also do not forget about an umbrella and the English dictionary.