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Scenario “Zosya - the Sweet Tooth“.

Scenario “Zosya - the Sweet Tooth“.

“The fairy tale lie and in it a hint …“

Registration: kitchen - on a floor the broken cup, on a table the 3-liter opened jam jar with a big spoon.

Children - Wriggling, Sasha, Paul / sing the song of “Friends“, sitting on the turned stools:

- We go, we go, we go to strange lands,

Good neighbors, happy friends!

cheerfully is to us, we sing a song,

A in a song is sung how we live!

Tra - that is that, the Torah - that is that, we carry with ourselves a cat,

(Paul pulls to itself a cat)

of the Siskin, a dog, to a petk - the squabbler,…

mother Enters: - Hello, well how are you doing?

Children chorus: - Perfectly, mother!

Continue to sing:

- the Monkey, a parrot, here - the company what!

Here - the company what!

Mother passes on kitchen, sees the broken cup, open jam.

Mother: - Who broke a cup in kitchen: Sasha, Paul or Yulyashk?

of the Veda.:- Also heard in reply:

Wriggling: - That you, mummy, I - are not present!

Sasha: - No! Weeding

: - No!

Mother: - And who opened jam? Maybe the guest to us came?

of the Veda.: - Also she heard:

All - Yes, of course, mother and ….

Wriggling: (aside) - We do not like to deceive

I everything we will tell without lies:

to Confess very difficult,

What I can think up?

- To us the neigbour came …

Sasha: - And …

Weeding half-banks of a visor: - Yes, yes, yes …

Mother: - Ah neigbour, and cup?

Sasha: - Yulyashka became angry here, in her started a cup …. Weeding

: - Also broke!

Wriggling: - I?. (with astonishment) - Perhaps Zosya of

Sasha ran …: - And everything kneaded jam?! (with regret) Weeding

: - Yes! Yes! Yes! (smears a cat with jam)

Mother: - Well, and cup?

Wriggling: - And what, cup? That suffered for the truth!

Sasha: - It precisely, I saw … Weeding

: - (lifts a cat) Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mother: - Ah you Zosya, ah the sweet tooth, leave you here at home ….

of the Veda.: - Mother, of course, understood at once everything and went to kitchen ….

Mother: - And I brought a cake, eat, my Zosenka!

All: - Mummy, and me, and I ….

Mother: - You do not eat sweet so to the room go.

All: - Mother, mother we did not lie, we only played you.

You do not become angry about us, you smile to us better.

Sing: - We will not forget the recognition,

More we will not deceive

to us imaginations all open spaces,

Not fibbers we, and just visionaries are open …

We are children just visionaries.

Mother: - Well go to me

my singing hearts here (all embraces)!