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The motherhood is an innate sense?

will make a reservation At once that I do not mean a maternal instinct which the nature allocated each female individual with ability to give birth, I speak about maternal feeling of the woman to the child.

Already many centuries rule the world men. They have a power, money.

They impose to women the rules life, inspiring in young girls that their destiny only kitchen and a home.

Thereby enslave the woman, humiliating, try to turn into an uncomplaining being.

In our country these tendencies amplified with approach of the capitalist relations.

A lot of things in our society changed, women changed.

collapse Now family foundations which Russia was strong at all times.

the Ideal in the society of became money. The property inequality generated a social inequality.

of the Woman, not reached high material level, consider themselves as unlucky persons, having complex, fall. Lifting alone children, without the aid of the husband and the state, in full poverty become an inveterate drunkard from a hopelessness, leave to the mercy of fate the children.

Looking at the become an inveterate drunkard mother, there is bad, indifferent mother and a daughter.

The love is lately idealized. It is considered that only one love can be a marriage basis. The debt, care, responsibility left on the last plan.

A love is only feeling which can come to the person, and can pass into nothingness, having left after such love to nobody unnecessary children.

all treat a habit in general contemptuously. And a habit - a great thing. Getting used, people live the whole life, weaning, - leave.

Recently the men allocated with the power reached also motherhood.

They ruthlessly turn out the wives, taking away from mother of children. the acts men clearly demonstrate

to young girls that they, having married, will bring into world not the dearest, beloved baby, and a CERTAIN BEING who at any time from them can be taken away.

Having before itself negative examples, many modern girls were not ready to become good mothers.

We, without reflecting, considered that the maternal feeling is an innate sense. But tragic cases of the last years, homeless children, - indicate the opposite to us.

the Woman who only gave birth to the child is not mother yet. Mother it is possible to call the woman who raised and brought up the child.

Therefore it is not necessary to be mistaken that the motherhood is an innate sense.

the woman is not born Mother, mother it becomes.

the woman who is Brought up on deep traditions in our country was always the best mother in the world: loving, careful, ready for any victims for the sake of the child.

Always in Russia the most sacred was the woman - mother giving life. The girl was brought up to become mother the example the self-sacrificing mothers lifting the children after wars and ruin.

If in our state the policy for the woman - mothers does not change, then even more often young women will leave babies in maternity hospitals and on garbage cans.

Perhaps, in modern society, raising demography, it is necessary to think of this question, but not to hope that the motherhood is an innate sense.

Then children - orphans at living parents will be in our country less.