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Cheerfulness and mood: how to sustain holidays?

Holidays - piece quite tiresome, and are even more tiresome preparation for them.

However we will not be afraid of a preholiday, and we will try to make friends with it! For this purpose we have several ways to win against fatigue.

Cheerfulness according to the schedule

of Subjects at whom all life is planned on minutes, this section can be not read. But it will be useful for eternally absent-minded creative persons to remember school days and to make a daily routine. At least on the holiday. It is desirable to define in advance what affairs are important and what - not really. And still - to call boring occupations as - nibud on - festive. For example, it is possible to call washing of a toilet bowl the operation “Polar lights“, and a raspikhivaniye of things on regiments - “hide-and-seek“.

The rights and duties of all house it is useful to distribute too in advance. To avoid unnecessary quarrels in day “X“. By the way, any squabbles take away a lot of energy, and it is necessary to us for another.

Orange mood

according to scientists, our brain perceives paints in the same way as a stomach I go. From one peeps, from another - mutters, from the third - is ill. But today it is useful for us to remember that...

Red color increases internal energy and sexuality, well affects blood and a metabolism.

Orange helps to win against fatigue, melancholy, a depression, uncertainty, alarm and fear.

Yellow the mood and memory improves.

Green promotes rhythmical work of heart, it is useful at dizziness and nervousness.

Blue the feeling of comfort and rest causes, removes stress, reduces arterial pressure, breath calms.

It is not obligatory to do urgently repair at all and to recolour walls in suitable tone. Small sessions of a tsvetoterapiya - quite available pleasure. Clothes in “warm“ (krasnozhelty) scale, a glass of orange or carrot juice for breakfast - and the cheerfulness charge on several next few hours is provided. When want to have a rest, urgently change clothes in blue. Ultramarines will help to relax and calm down.

In breaks between affairs experts recommend to take color “baths“ for recharge. Having nestled on a sofa or in a chair, present how the vivifying stream of a bright sunlight falls to you on a breast and spreads on all body.

activity Change

the Best rest, as we know, is a shift of kinds of activity. Especially if not to get out of this activity in any way. Try to alternate cooking to decoration of the apartment or visits of shop each 30-40 minutes. And still doctors advise after each labor hour to do fifteen-minute pauses. They can be shirked or overslept. Or to spend for charging and massage. Generally, to devote to itself. Energy through a stomach

Sometimes the food does not give to

force, and on the contrary, selects them. For example, coffee. To steam of cups since morning to drink not a sin, but be not fond. You, of course, do not oversleep a celebration heat. However and special from it you will not test pleasure. Because you will be able hardly to get off caffeine tension.

If very much it is necessary to cheer up, remember grasses. Tinctures of a ginseng, an eleuterokokk and an araliya indulge in each drugstore. All can accept them, except hypertensive persons. And here the root of a levzea is remarkable the fact that it has no contraindications at all, and restores forces on time. Even at deer (marals). The grass also received the second name from clever horned animals - a maraly root. To begin to stock up with vegetable cheerfulness better some days before time of “H“.

And couple more of holiday recipes from nutritionists. If overtired intellectually, eat several pieces of ordinary herring. Were tired physically - the lemon will help: a half-citrus together with a dried peel and honey. Other option - to stir up a crude egg yolk in a glass of hot milk, to add a little honey or sugar and to drink small drinks.

Contrary to a popular belief, wine and greasy food do not promote any activity. Alcohol - a depressant. And therefore does not invigorate, and calms. And fats long are digested and take away precious forces.

So before term it is better not to sit down to a table.