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Who such harmonious person and how him to become?

the Harmonious person - one of the longest ideas of mankind. Many will call it banal. But whether often we meet in life the people living in a consent with themselves and world around? Whether often we see the person whose professional skill is proportional to personal and human qualities; an attractive and worthy exterior - to ability to be a pleasant and interesting interlocutor; and social competence - to physical and mental health? As far as the image of the harmonious person zhiznenen is also useful to each of us today?

Can seem that such number of requirements for one person is a utopia, an appeal to mythical, unattainable perfection in life. Excessive loading and just burden. But only until we consider them as shown to the person from the outside by society or people around. But harmony is a consent, the accord. In the person it is steadiness and compliance each other of its abilities, the purposes and aspirations, opportunities and desires, feelings and consciousness . The body, emotions, reason, soul and spirit of the harmonious person are uniform. It is not torn apart by internal contradictions. It found sure balance and stability - in itself(himself) and outside.

Some balance in the person is always. But it can be healthy, beautiful, sure, joyful. And can - shaky, pathetic, ugly. When professional and social development of the person is not counterbalanced with an individual look, own position, understanding, conviction. When the hopes laid on private life eclipse the whole world. When the inflated vanity shouts and torments the person. And even being a socially important and visible figure, he quite often hardly creeps on life, literally forcing itself to live - strong-willed effort, and is frequent also external incentives - duties, responsibility to others.

It seems that implementers do not work, but only because it is not those means. The warped consciousness - the bad assistant to the person. “That wind is bad that it always blows in one party“ (R. Heinlein) . The professional, the worthy person, the successful personality - not synonyms to the person happy. Defective balance is done to the person by harm, helping with particulars, but destroying integrity of existence and feeling of as capable, interesting, necessary, favourite, happy.

It is possible to entangle itself on hands and legs networks of a set of reasonings, opinions, rules, disputes and to drown in this noisy dissonance. While “knowledge of some principles easily compensates ignorance of some facts“ (K. Helvetius) . It is possible to rush on execution of an infinite set necessary, good and useful, but not to make the main thing.

We learn to achieve small specific goals, but at us hands do not reach before to unite these particular successes and achievements in steady and stable reality, worthy deep intuitive feeling of, the world and life as fine and surprising miracle which are especially strong in the childhood.

Whether the children`s confidence of each of us in the of exclusiveness, the importance, value is so naive and groundless? Perhaps, it is not illusion - feeling true, but demands the correct application and realization? “The nature created us for something bigger“ (Cicero). And everyone really feels that he is capable of bigger, is worthy the best that the world around is small and does not correspond to its scales.

But true permission of this contradiction - in the real, healthy growing - which consists not in refusal of children`s feeling of happiness and gluing of a naivety label on it, and in that to embody it in reality, to invest a vague chuvstvovaniye and prefeeling with flesh and blood of bright, live, saturated reality.

Small shift of accent in system of influence - expectations of the person can change his life to unrecognizability! If he perceives intuitive confidence in own abilities not as a justification to the inquiries, but as a support and a reference point for activity. Not “the world is small for me great“, not “I am given over it“, and “I am capable to change the near world, space and time voluntarily and to the choice“. It is not enough, the person always also does it! It always influences even if its choice - inaction, always participates, even remaining indifferent.

The person is not free in the choice - whether to work to it? It is free only in the choice - what will be its participation. To trudge on life or to enjoy it. To be at enmity with neighbors or to cooperate. To complain or create. “I am capable to carry myself to others that they understood and appreciated me. I am capable to choose and find people, interesting and valuable to myself and to secure with their respect. It is capable to become happy, but not to pretend to be it“.

The desire is the for this purpose most important. But also also the correct methods of work on themselves and the life are important. A set of problems on which the attention is fixed and “councils“ for their decision not only do not help the person, but hold down it even more. Social standards without which achievement, apparently, access to the desirable is closed after finding them often open terrible reality: truly the desirable did not come nearer not a jot!

Negative councils, installations from a series “to be loser “ work because, in fact, approve emptiness. “Positive“, but excessively generalized also a little help - “be sure“, “be happy“. All this needs to be worried, experienced, so - to learn, having gained a certain skill. It cannot achieve by only one power of desire, the made decision.

The confidence and happiness are reached through overcoming of own insufficiency which any has - this or that. And only this way, on this way of people every day begins to feel more and more free from the power of own weaknesses. More and more happy. The road to and knowledge of - for the person the most grateful work. From definition of the most important for - to its finding.

The skeleton of own values, beliefs, enough significant is necessary for the healthy personality for her. That to lean on them. These are own, internal purposes and values which can inhale life in the standard standards or nullify their importance for the specific person. And achievement of such purposes will not bring to the person of true satisfaction, will not become incentive for further development, and can only disappoint! The person also needs power of knowledge and practical skills - it is ability of his personality to the movement, action. The will gives it energy and commitment. The reason in the best way directs. Emotions - breath and pulse of his life, an opportunity to feel and transfer live experiences outside.

A way to harmonious at everyone the: that for one person easily and naturally as breath, for another - a problem unsoluble (so far). But it is necessary to remember that the person - uniform and difficult whole. And development of all its abilities, abilities, functions well only when it is counterbalanced. When one of its parties do not absorb and do not force out others.

Development of one quality does not cancel need to support the others, one sphere of life is not capable to replace another or to fill its absence, lameness. Full-fledged life of the harmonious person cannot be reduced to achievement of one purpose, the solution of one problem. Therefore the choice of the correct purposes and effective methods for their achievement for everyone begins with understanding of - at least as a first approximation and common features.