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Traveling notes about Malaysia. How to conquer other world?

Travelling notes about Malaysia.

Moscow - Dubai - Kuala Lumpur - Melaka - Cameron Haylends - Penang - Langkvavi of

After several weeks of stay in Moscow I sat down at writing of this story. I hope, my traveling notes will help those who dream to visit this amazing country and just want to learn about it more. Why surprising? I think, you will understand it from my story. And if not, then you have an occasion to visit her and to learn in everything by own experience.

I like to plan everything, carefully I prepare for trips, I think over everything. So was always. To Malaysia. We decided to go with friends independently, without using services of travel agency. And it seemed the real adventure.

Decided to go for two weeks and to pass almost all country. SCARY interestingly. All did. Booked tickets in Emireyts, reserved hotels in the different cities. And here on it the main preparation ended. It was necessary only to wait for day of a departure. And further … everything depended on us.

So, travel began in 12 nights when we got into the plane. Emireyts fine airline and everything went remarkably. Stewardesses are beautiful, level of service high. It was necessary only to enjoy! Besides, Emireyts provides free food for those who fly a transfer. In Dubai on the second floor, near the Burger King you will find an inscription of Emireyts. It it also is! You will show two boarding passes, and you will be free of charge fed.

Time of change ended, and it was necessary to sit down and fly already to the destination. Feeling that all responsibility on us, gave to our trip something juicy!

Seven hours of flight went imperceptibly. And here, we went down on the earth of the peninsula. Waited for baggage very long as it flew from Moscow. And by us the suitcase Louis Vyyutton attractively rode the conveyor and cast over thoughts … Minutes through 47 we waited for our things and began to think of that, as if to us to reach to hotel. But the decision did not keep itself waiting long. Right there we saw the numerous racks selling tickets to Kual - Lumpur and the cheerful girls shouting about special offers. Bought tickets for the bus (10 PM) which Tsentral brought quickly us to C, it is good that it is in the center. From there to any hotel nearby. We took a taxi and reached to Maywiew Glory Hotel. Budgetary option. But is suitable a wave for those who are going to sleep only in number. And bigger it was also not necessary to us. Everything decently, purely, breakfasts are not included in cost, but it is possible to pay on the place.

In day of an arrival we also did not plan to leave anywhere. Right after arrived - fell asleep, and believe, rest was necessary to nanometer more than ever!

And next day plans was more than enough. There was a wish to look at everything. But we began, likely, not with the most known sight. Having found out on a reception about possible routes, we went to park of birds. From hotel Hop on-Hop off buses (2,7 PM) go. You buy the ticket for the whole day. It is possible to enter, leave how many you want. The main thing, they ply in all tourist places.

Reached. The place, I will tell you, fantastic. More variously birds go under legs, the nature, falls. It is worth seeing. After visit of this place yesterday`s fatigue it vanished as if by magic. And plans increased. In the afternoon we shirked about park, considered birdies. And other in the afternoon, wandered about the city, enjoyed different delicacies.

Next day was planned to examine the main sight of C, Petronas. Got up early to manage to receive tickets. Petronasov reached on foot. We lived in the center, and to them no distance, from everywhere it is visible. And in one day we did not enjoy walks on the city.

In Towers it is necessary to go down on the first floor behind tickets where usually there is a huge turn. But you should not be afraid of it, it moves very quickly. Before visit of the bridge there was time which we spent with advantage. Went on shops! There them even 7 floors. Paradise for any shopaholic. It happened to visit to us and a huge aquarium. The show is fantastic. It is under towers too. And what there is only not present! Went and were surprised. Everything is so close: sharks, slopes, jambs fish rushes! Cost is 40 PM. But it is worth it.

Imperceptibly time to rise by the bridge approached. Our group was brought together in the special room, showed the movie about stories of creation of masterpieces and told a little to wait. All had a raised mood. We looked forward, that moment when we are able to see the megalopolis from height. For fractions of a second brought quickly us upward the up-to-date elevator. 85 buttons are not a joke! And here we came to be on the bridge. From height the magnificent view opened. Plains of the city, skyscrapers and smoky hills in the distance set thinking on fine. We attentively examined both a landscape, and a design. After such eye open even more widely, and at first you begin to look at the world somehow it is bewitched.

After such event it was necessary to take breath. And we went to walk in the park which is located in the shadow of skyscrapers. And for the evening planned a campaign for Independence Square. It was near our hotel.

The area was not in the center, but was it is rather conveniently located for us. It represented a lawn on which huge TVs, a chain of flags were installed, and the battery of fountains finished this picture. We perfectly spent time, turned gray on a grass, looked at huge TVs and enjoyed night Kual`s cool - Lumpur which very much is not enough in the afternoon.

If the first two days were quite saturated, and we went much, looked, then the third day we had only a rest as we went to Sanbay Lagoon aquapark. It is on the suburb of the city. Cost 80PM. I would not begin to recommend it to all for visit. It not especially impressed. A hill small and them is not a lot of. And, above all, there strange look at Europeans. You descend to the pool better.

The next day we went in Bath Keyvz. These are Hindu temples. Reached without problems, practically from hotel the regular bus (2,7 PM) went. After such trip we understood that one governed at drivers: Any rules.

Approaching caves, we from far away noticed something shining. And coming nearer, guessed what is it. Approaching closer, to us the unusual show opened. Gold Buddha of the huge size shone. And upward the longest ladder which we with success overcame conducted. And at once felt something unusual around. In caves something majestic is felt and at the same time mysterious, even air some another here. The atmosphere was diluted only by monkeys who ran everywhere and tortured to elicit at tourists to themselves livelihood.

For evening we planned a campaign in Central Market. For those who like to tell “And this cup / spoon / stool I brought the beautiful place from most … the most detailed description of the mysterious place where none of acquaintances were also the most important, on representation of some story-tellers follows further, will not visit. This little shop is suitable also for those who like to bargain. And we were not an exception. With all national soul, we twisted unnecessary things in hands, asked at sellers on quality and they gave in on our provocations. Generally relaxed!

Near Central of the Market there is Dzhalan Petaling. Chinese market “in the prime of life“. What there is only not present! If you lacked a bag Louis Vyyutton for 50 PM or a koshelechka Hermes, then to you there. But it interested us a little and we quickly from there left. It was our last day in Kual - Lumpur.

The most interesting began. Moving. We began gradually. At first solved will go to Melaka. It is approximately in two hours` journey from Kual - Lumpur. After this trip we understood that an arrangement of hotel not simply successful, excellent. Directly from it the regular bus went to the station (Bukit Jalil). At once I will note: Unusual place. There you will be met by a great number of the barkers suggesting to buy tickets at the attractive prices. But you should not hurry - the main thing comfort. You resemble, choose more decently. The prices differ not on many, and the comfort is necessary.

Having bought tickets and to Melaka, and at the same time and in Cameron Haylends (30 PM), we got on a bus. By floated small villages, palm trees, unusual trees. Having arrived to the city, we slowly sight-saw the city, studied all sights: Red Square, port A - Famosa, the ship of colonialists, and here did not reach the Chinese cemetery. Having tasty had dinner and having enjoyed a city panorama, we went to a way back. And tired, but happy came back home.

Having risen early in the morning, having carefully collected suitcases and having thanked personnel for warm welcome, we went to the station again. We already knew the road and reached quickly. There we were already waited by the cheerful Chinese who with great pleasure showed us the bus.

Moving was quite tiresome as the part of a way should be passed on the mountain serpentine. But it is the small price that feeling which we received from such beautiful place.

The bus constantly beeped. Passengers were half-asleep. The most part of a way also I slept. But having opened eyes, I saw before myself a magnificent picture. Parallel to our bus the huge mountain eagle flew. Scope of his wings was so big that, appear, it here - here will touch our bus. Very clearly the proud bird showed that the person wins not first place here. And around all was even more beautiful. Huge ferns grew, lianas twisted trees, falls. I thought: as I could oversleep such beautiful road. But having seen ahead hills understood, the most interesting ahead. It were tea plantations.

The bus took us to station, and from it was nearby to hotel (Jurina Hill Lodge) which appeared almost in the jungle. But in the afternoon we did not notice it. There was not a lot of time and, having put things, we went towards to adventures and the nature. But nobody cancelled convenience and, having taken a taxi with the conditioner, we went round tea plantations. I think that the place does not need the description, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Asked our driver to bring us to falls further. Here on a half of a way the comfort came to an end. It was necessary to go. We were prepared for mountain tracks and therefore without effort covered the distance through the jungle and achieved the objectives.

Having returned to hotel, we with pleasure remembered what was seen, but the fatigue prevailed and we went to sleep. For the morning we were waited by new moving. We bought tickets still when arrived (35PM) therefore arrived at the appointed time.

Moving was a little heavier, than we expected. In the bus conditioners, but for those who spent this summer in Moscow it not test did not work. We arrived to Georgetown, and from there, having taken a taxi, reached the Scourge to Feringi. It appeared, we live in fine hotel, on the bank of the Indian Ocean (Sri Sayang). We fell in love with it even more when we entered number. It consisted of two bedrooms, a drawing room and kitchen. And all this for a moderate payment. But we reduced the price of number later for now, having thrown things, with shouts “I did not see the sea so long ago“, we went to submit the Indian Ocean. Frankly speaking, on Penang the sea not really pure as there is a large number of plants, but what Russian will be frightened by these preventions! Palm trees, white sand, beauty. On the beach we spent the whole remained day. And towards evening decided to investigate local shops. Fering the Scourge - the resort place and all main shops open closer by the night if you love colorful sundresses, hours shmoleks and besides bags Louis Vyyutton, you there! In total for very reasonable prices.

Nakhodivshis there is a lot of and having bought everything “on what I would even not look“ (it is sea air, there is no heat), we went to enjoy hotel and local satellite television.

In the morning we went to visit local sights. The temple Kek Locke Sy was a main goal. To reach it it is necessary to get on 101 buses and to reach to KOMTAP, and from there on 204.

The temple struck us with brightness and beauty. It was at the top of the hill and to reach it it is necessary to overcome a number of dealers. Well you will not leave without purchases!

Unfortunately, heavy rain prevented to examine the neighborhood of the city to us (we will precisely remember it for a long time). The rain was such strong that we could not even cross the street. It was necessary to come back home. And, as usual, on arrival in hotel, it came to an end. But we were not upset and went to bathe. The next morning we had a new moving.

We ordered the ferry in Kual - L and with tickets problems were not. But advice to all travelers. If you live to Feringi Beatch, then you leave as soon as possible, transport goes very slowly. But we reached in time. Already approaching Langkawi we understood that it will not be bad here. The nature is tremendous. Islands, blue water, eagles, and is a lot of sea reptiles who at any small restaurant for you will be prepared for ridiculous money.

Our travel continued long enough, and we considerably were tired therefore we decided not to go by excursion, and to spend time, lying on the beach. If to you it does not want, then almost continually there are agencies offering the services. They will prompt to you what to visit. And we, having passed all country, have to simply was have a rest and, frankly speaking, have a sleep, and it at us perfectly turned out!