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Than water-melons and melons are useful?

At last there came the season when it is possible without fears to buy water-melons and melons. Than these melon cultures are useful?


Contain vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, carotene, pectinaceous polysaccharides, folic acid, and also cellulose, carbohydrates and minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, calcium, phosphorus.

In - the first, water-melons perfectly satisfy thirst that is especially actual in such hot summer. A water-melon - the berry rich with cellulose, it is well-known that cellulose improves work of intestines and helps our stomach to digest food.

Water-melons are useful at diseases of kidneys and is warm - vascular system as are a good diuretic: bring out of an organism excess liquid together with harmful products of a metabolism and cholesterol. And also water-melons improve a condition of an organism at a hypertension and an atoniya of intestines.

Water-melons on the content of iron concede only to lettuce leaves and spinach, and well help at anemia. The increased content of vitamins and iron does a water-melon useful to nursing mothers.

The potassium salts which are contained in water-melons are shown at such urological diseases as cystitis, nephrite, pyelonephritis.

People sick diabetes can use water-melons in a small amount as the pulp of this fruit contains digestible sugar.

The daily dose of water-melons recommended by nutritionists makes about 2 - 2,5 kg.

It is considered that juice of white pulp of a water-melon which is under a fruit crust, polezeny at once, than juice of its pink pulp. Such juice is recommended to be mixed with apple for more pleasant taste. Juice of white pulp at chronic insufficiency of blood circulation, diseases of kidneys and a gall bladder helps. Here it is only necessary to accept it no more than 0,5 glasses for once as this very strong means.

It is useful to arrange the fasting days based on a water-melon diet: 1 - To eat 2 days a week to 1,5 kg of a water-melon in five meals. But at cholelithiasis and a renal failure it is better to do it according to the recommendation of the doctor.

At psoriasis and eczema it is possible to do face packs of water-melon pulp: for 20 minutes put the gauze impregnated with water-melon juice on a face.

The emulsion from seeds of a water-melon helps to eliminate from a face of a freckle and eels. For preparation of an emulsion take seeds of a ripe water-melon and water in the ratio 1:10, seeds pound in a mortar, gradually adding to them water. Such emulsion is put for 20 minutes on a face, then washed away.

And at the same time the water-melon can conceal in itself danger since it is inclined to accumulate in itself toxic substances and chemical compounds therefore it is necessary to choose a ripe fruit very carefully. It is not necessary to take too large, and also it is worth paying attention to color of pulp: yellow streaks and consolidations in pulp testify to nitrate content in a water-melon. Such “chemical“ water-melons can do harm to your health, besides they quickly spoil.

of the Melon


digestible sugar, starch, proteins, vitamins, cellulose, pectins, organic acids, various mineral salts, and also salts of iron and potassium. Melons are useful to the people suffering from an anemia, is warm - vascular diseases, diseases of kidneys, rheumatism and gout.

The silicon which is contained in a melon well influences a condition of hair and skin, it is necessary for nervous system, a stenkamkishechnik and to all digestive tract.

Cellulose of a melon promotes removal of cholesterol from an organism. The melon is a champion among melon cultures on the content of vitamin C. It improves mood, its pulp contains the substances helping development with a serotonin organism - “happiness hormone“.

Thanks to the content of folic acid the melon is useful to future mothers and women in the climacteric period. The vitamins E which are contained in it, C, B2, B6, nicotinic and pantothenic acid enrich an organism with antioxidants - thus, the melon prolongs youth.

In comparison with a water-melon the melon possesses softer diuretic and zhelchegonny action. As well as the water-melon, a melon brings “slags“ out of an organism and is useful at locks.

It is also possible to do face packs of a melon. The substances which are contained in its pulp well influences skin, eels and pigmentary spots clean.

Seeds of a melon are strong aphrodisiac for men.

Low caloric content of a melon of 30 - 38 kcal / 100 g allows to consider her as a dietary product on the basis of which it is possible to arrange fasting days, but it is not recommended to keep to a melon diet more than 3 days.

The melon promotes good digestion of food, in the east of it use during a plentiful meal, she acts as “natural mezy“.

Fans of beautiful suntan need to consume pulp of a melon, this berry promotes uniform and steady suntan.

The melon is not recommended to be eaten to nursing mothers since it can cause diarrhea in babies. From - for high content of sugars the melon should not be used sick diabetes, stomach ulcer of a stomach and 12 - a perstny gut.

It is impossible to mix a melon with alcohol, honey and to wash down with cold water, it can cause an abdominal distension, gripes and diarrhea.

Water-melons, as well as melons, are inclined to accumulation of nitrates, especially there are a lot of nitrates in early fruits. Therefore children to 3 - x are not recommended to eat years water-melons and melons, some nutritionists increase this age threshold to 5 - summer age. Children can eat water-melons and melons only during their natural maturing and no more than 100 - 150 melon in day.

Admissible amount of nitrates in water-melons - 60 mg/kg, in melons - 90 mg/kg. As it is strange, but most of all nitrates contain in beet, a white cabbage, greens, a garden radish, cucumbers, vegetable marrows and feathers of onions.