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What tell our legs about?

Before employing the person … ask it to be undressed and look at toes. by

Before going to submit the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE … ask your elect / darling to be undressed and look at toes.

Having given birth to the child before it gets on feet, - photograph his legs, and you will be able to learn what talents are hidden in soul of this citizen and as it is correct to put it on the Way …

of the LEG NEVER LIE! to

Guessing on a hand - the chiromancy - everything is known long ago. Now it is already last century. And here legs can open secrets of the past and future and feature of character of their owner.

Once in Russia said that a lot of things about the woman`s relations with the husband can be recognized by big and index toes: the more the woman has a forefinger, the bigger authority she will have, it is more than respect and vote. If fingers are equal - in a family there will be “democracy“. If the thumb is much more, than the second, to be to you under the husband`s heel.

A this and not all! It appears before a wedding, having considered furtively legs of the elect or the darling, it is possible to learn how this person treats himself and others what he will be in business and even … in sex!

the Dane of the Hungarian origin Imre Somodzhy living in France whose guest and the schoolgirl I was in 2007 studies over 20 years and trains others in art of understanding of secret of legs. In human life, in his opinion, a foot form, and also a form and color of fingers, their plasticity, flexibility and a ratio in a size, a form and color of nails - everything has the special value.

In Reading Toes, the main prerequisite - that “EVERYTHING is part SOMETHING“. And fingers of our legs provide keys which help to reach closely to History of Soul of the person. Fingers of our legs report strange stories about how we think and we feel what our habits and as we cope with a destiny call in our current lives.

In Reading Toes Imre Somodzhy uses the theory of five Ayurvedic Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Air. He emphasizes also communication between toes and charkas. Noticing any changes in a shape of fingers and nails, it is possible to diagnose a condition of those bodies which are located in a scope corresponding charkas (for example, the thumb of a leg is tied with throat chakry).

Art of Reading Toes is intended to introduce understanding to History of own (first of all) Soul hided in stupnyakh our legs. To deepen this understanding, I want to give you the smallest idea of this new trend of knowledge myself. Reading Toes is both art, and science thanks to which it is possible to learn how the spirit and health of the person whom these legs carry on the ground stay together. This also very amusing occupation which can develop intuition and entertain participants of a party. The main thing - not to give anything special value, to take offense, but “to reel up on a mustache“ and to begin to look after the fingers, without being limited only to a pedicure of times a month and a covering of legs it is delicious. By the way, it is one consultation better to come without varnish on nails.

The left leg is your feelings, intuition, your female energy. This is Yin.

Right is a male energy, rational - that part which thinks, this is Yang.

Fingers of the left leg harakterizuyutemotsionalny party of the personality, attitude towards.

Fingers of the right leg represents destiny, characterize reason, intelligence and potential of the personality in society as the person feels concerning career.

Each finger characterizes both traits of character, and change in the respective area in last, real and future. When fingers deviate their natural situation, it is invariable something yes means.

A we will consider some most significant signs now: * the Beautiful line of fingers shows to

the organization level, love to an order, clearness and accuracy.

* Than already and more gracefully a leg, especially sensitive, pensive and vulnerable nature at her owner. * the Wide leg indicates

that her owner is reasonable, realistic, is even prudent and strongly costs on the earth.

* indicate the Raised finger-tips pensive nature.

* indicates the Thumb of the large sizes the person liking to talk. Such person makes light both of pleasure, and of a grief. At it there is a lot of energy to process these feelings without serious consequences for the mentality.

* the Triangular and square ends of thumbs - you are laconic, and at times are even rough. Fingers with the soft, rounded-off lines speak about ability to tell everything diplomatically and softly.

* tell the Drawn-in fingers about tendency of their owner to manipulation.

* Nails - a protection symbol. Small ridge eminences - in the form of a washing board - reflect instability of emotional life in a nail of a thumb.

* say the Nails reminding claws in a form that the personality not so - that is easy to influence: it it is tenacious holds the ideas and when the world around tries to bridle it by force, it is closed as a door of garage like “cockleshell“. * the Cone sideways at the level of a root of a thumb says

that the person often adapts to other people, fulfills their requirements to the detriment of itself and hates itself for it.

* the Reddish speck on a finger, an attrition or wounds, or a finger is intense - says about the forthcoming changes in that area of life for which he is responsible.

* the Little finger is hidden for the fourth finger on the right leg - you avoid to think of danger, often feel unprotected, in business you are afraid to risk and therefore you miss the chance. On the left leg - excessively trustfully you treat those whom you love. Your sexuality is directly connected with feelings of love and dependence on darling.

* the Little finger lying on the fourth finger of the left leg specifies that its owner has problems with sex and receiving an orgasm. If it is set far aside from the fourth finger - a problem with feeling of love.

* the finger Bend, its irregular shape, sharp difference from the others in a form and color means that in the past you failed in the sphere for which he is responsible.

* If two fingers are densely pressed to each other, then qualities for which they are responsible are closely connected in your life or in character.

* If one of fingers is more than others, then quality for which he is responsible is especially important for you in character and your life.

Oh as it is possible to learn and tell about our legs …

much But before beginning “to read“ legs of another, “throw off your sandals from your legs“ Is. 20:2

As well as all our body, legs you will not deceive. They speak to us: LOVE YOURSELF!