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What is wanted by women from the modern man? Vegetable growers in the price of

of the Woman are similar in something to a chameleon. They are also capable to change the feelings to the man in dependence not only on the surrounding atmosphere (temperature, existence / lack of rainfall, illumination level and so forth), but also from time frames. No, not so. From centuries. Yes what there - from eras!

At the time of Neanderthal men of a female appreciated a male ability “to deceive“ a wild animal , “to kill“ him (not in vinegar!) and to bring to the primitive lady one eating up fresher meat. Also the man - a male with a sharp-sighted look thanks to which it could collect different useful for health and healing of wounds of a korenye and a grass in a lesochka was appreciated. Besides, useful to the tribe. And it is even better for a concrete neandertalka and its cubs.

Soon after the woman began to appreciate in men, first of all, physical force. Such that the giant to the enemy a bludgeon on “kumpola“ could strike, and “êóìïîë“ - bang! Down with from shoulders! Failed at all.

In the Middle Ages male nobility, ability to be filled up on knees before the Great Lady in a very heavy armor, to remove hardly a visor of a helmet and to give smacking kiss vypyachennymigubeshka the charming female handle was already appreciated. Further the visor is closed. However, from weight of an armor to rise from knees already there are no forces. Sweat flows a hail under a chain armor. Under it now everything scratches. In general, full discomfort! But main thing: The lady is happy! And she very appreciates the man that made this feat for the sake of it.

Then women began to appreciate as much as possible in men mind, resourcefulness, ability to go to power and to occupy there the bastion . During an era present, designated at us as “wild capitalism“, women began to appreciate in men, first of all a complex of qualities. No, not so. Package of services, so to speak. As in mobile communication. I will explain.

One my acquaintance, we will name him Alexey, married for the second time. But now on the girl is seventeen years younger than it. This age difference for marriage does not present great difficulties, actually. But later only half a year after official fixing of the relations, Alexey began to be surprised to inquiries of the young wife (we will name her Sonechka). Present girls though do not read practically anything longer than an article in “luster“, but the requirements outlined for themselves intelligently! They know precisely what is wanted from the man!

Alexey, for example, with the lower lip which is slightly extended for offense proshlepat to me the following saying:

- Mischa! And whether you know that she wants from me? Well, my young wife?

Ya “put on“ just in case a sublime look and assumed:

- Love, probably. Admiration of it, associations. Yes at least walks under the moon with recitation!

Alexey nearly choked on a fried mutton stone.

- At you with the head everything is all right?! She wants from me “bucks“ and, strangely enough, wants to turn me into such cat of Boris that havat “Wiskas“ in advertizing on TV!

Ya was taken aback from so violent reaction and already softly asked again:

- Sonechka treats you to a cat`s forage?

Alexey in indignation started up bubbles and accurately classified that the young spouse wants from it.

1. Continuation of successful career.

Strangely enough, Alexey`s wife herself awakes it for work. God forbid that have some to have a sleep longer! Shish! Forward and - to work, work, work for service! Sonechka is interested in those people on whom Alexey`s advance on a career ladder depends. It is for some reason interesting to it who else applies for increase and for a post which Alexey would wish to occupy. That is, the young wife very jealously treats progress of the man on service. Sonechka as if podpikhivat the husband under the fifth point forward that the last climbed up up service. The husband is a milling-machine operator as option, it not to liking. It is necessary though what, but the chief.

2. The husband has to idolize and pay it close attention.

Alexey`s Wife constantly asks again it whether he loves it. Sonechka several times in day dokanyvat it a question whether the new blouse is pleasant to it, for example, that she bought. Also she constantly poor-mouths that the husband listened to her. And Alexey listens, listens, listens. She literally is eager for attention from the husband.

3. The husband as a cat Boris, has to be near.

the Young wife demands

that after work Alexey immediately followed home. A step to the left, a step to the right, as they say, - execution. Sonechka purrs in an ear to Alexey that it is very important to it to stroke it as domestic kitten. So, the woman wishes that as she is sung in one song, “darling would be near“. She is an owner, does not want anywhere the spouse to release far.

4. The husband has to “grow up“ and give a harvest of “cabbage“ to the wife.

Alexey was twisted by

finally when told that the young wife constantly demands from it money. Any more than nothing it elicits as ardently as a budlet of “cabbage“. Sonechka adores money. Alexey as the notable vegetable grower, has to thresh regularly “cabbage“ at work and bring a money - a harvest to the wife. “Kachanchik of cabbage“ (a budlet of banknotes) causes in the young person indescribable (and sometimes - opisuyemy!) delight.

So, here the main things which are demanded by the modern woman from the man. Not always, but, as a rule. Kindness, compassion, participation, mutual love, at last, - all this not in fashion now. Presently of the woman look for generally “the man - the vegetable grower“ that “cuts cabbage“ to the maximum. But - men there is always not a lot of vegetable growers moreover financial crisis terribly struck economy. Ranks of those men who “cut cabbage“ (money) fairly thinned, so, there will be even more unfortunate women. And just it would also not be desirable it!

But the reality does not allow to do optimistic forecasts in this plan. Women should suffer and wait again. This time not Prinze on a white horse, and at least notable “vegetable grower“.