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How to buy a new thing to the husband? To me from women something repeatedly happened to hear

it seems: “I have nothing to put on!“, what the spouse of one of them answered: “From - for yours: there is nothing to put on, our case is not closed“. That in a case with women it is simpler, it is possible to buy a new thing.

And how to buy a new thing to the husband? If actually most of men sometimes care for other things. They are busy or the car, a household or the computer, beer or soccer, friends or partners in business. Much more time and attention give a lot of things still, only not to own style. Metrosexuals, politicians, public figures it is not counted. The first have the pronounced taste in clothes, and they do not need the help, the second have personal stylists. For the others the chief stylist is the spouse. Women watch that the husband was not just tidily dressed, and according to his age, situation at work, the level of its claims.

To buy a new thing to the husband - a task not from simple:

In - the first: because it is necessary to notice signs of wear of clothes of the spouse, its moral (fashionable) aging or importunate, daily carrying without change in time;

In - the second: having caught the imminent problem, to persuade him to take a detached view of itself and to spend time for acquisition of a new thing;

In - the third: to convince both him, and itself that the spent money will pay off over time, to turn back increase or new communications therefore you should not save on appearance of the husband;

To agitate on a new thing it turned out, it was succeeded to allocate the good sum from the family budget. Hurrah, you are solutions halfway! Now it was necessary to finish the husband to shop and to track carefully purchase process. Correctly - it is correct! To finish and exactly to track.

Only men can leave behind purchase and not to reach the destination. Pretexts from the most weighty: “Jumped on work, and there put too much“, to ridiculous: “Met Senya, drank beer, solved - me and it is so good“.

Yes with such approach business will not go further. Of course - do not like the man to go shopping. If come, then only on emergency with the minimum time expenditure. The desire to leave quicker shop, is caused by rise in arterial pressure, proved by the British scientists.

To leave without purchase, they cannot - it is senselessly spent time. And to take that thing that of the first it fell into hands, approached by the size or is simply several sizes more, does not go on a cut and color, it is impractical - quite. At the same time to force to exchange a recently acquired new thing even more difficult, than to force to buy.

It is necessary to go together.

Several rules of shopping with the husband:

1. Look for a new thing to the husband, in women`s departments you do not have the course, even for 5 minutes. Otherwise he will feel deceived, and it does not guarantee a trouble-free campaign behind new things;

2. The shop has to be located directly near the place of food. Or with cafe in the mall. That there were no problems, feed the husband at once on arrival into place;

3. It is impossible to waste the talents on trifles. Socks, linen, gloves, scarfs, shirts, semi-beliefs you can get also without it. 50% of men are trusted to women by the choice of these details.

4. He does not follow the fashion, does not thumb through men`s magazines of clothes, on showmen does not equal. It is necessary to solve everything independently. Only you do not press too, otherwise for the sake of you he will agree to purchase, but for the second time will not want to dress.

After acquisition of new things, release it to reduce stress - beer to drink. If already home do not force once again everything to measure profits, not today precisely. Better again feed! Having executed rules of shopping with the husband you will achieve result necessary for you. Keep his and nerves, time, money. Successful purchases!