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In what advantage of vegetable oil?

If are about advantage of vegetable oil, most of Russians, first of all, think of the sunflower oil available to each family. Well, of course, many know about advantage of olive oil, but it is much more expensive and is used by us generally in the medical purposes. However we have on sale much more types of vegetable oil, but they, except corn, expensive, and people decide to buy them only as drugs.

All vegetable oils are divided by a way of production on two look - not refined (natural) and refined deodorized. The last in the course of cleaning are exempted from all impurity and a smell, and together with them - and from all useful. Therefore they suit only for frying and other ways of hot cooking, and the advantage of them only that in them there is no cholesterol because in vegetable oils of cholesterol does not happen at all - it is substance of an animal origin. And the benefit is brought only by the use of the natural (not refined) oil.

Most often we have to food a sunflower oil . Earlier in Europe and America used generally rape oil, but when tried our sunflower, now rape goes only as substitute of motor fuel. Natural sunflower oil is better acquired itself and helps the best digestion of vegetables. It contains vitamins of groups A, D, E, F and minerals.

It helps to bring “harmful“ cholesterol out of a human body that protects walls of vessels, atherosclerosis and other diseases warmly - vascular system warns. Doctors recommend sunflower oil also at violations of brain blood circulation. In traditional medicine it is used for treatment of a toothache, diseases of intestines and a stomach, at thrombophlebitis, pulmonary diseases and a liver. Sunflower oil finds big application in cosmetology and an aromatherapy.

Olive oil therefore is considered the most valuable that consists only of so-called nonsaturated fats which are capable to split fats of an animal origin. So that who wants to grow thin is the first means.

Natural olive oil is considered the best means of the general improvement of an organism as significantly reduces the level of “harmful“ cholesterol. In it there are a lot of vitamins of the A, D, E and K groups strengthening immune system and also a bone and a muscle. Outwardly olive oil has the wound healing, anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory effect. The antioxidants which are contained in this oil protect a human body from cancer, and when frying it does not form carcinogens therefore it is adored by cooks, using many times.

Not refined corn oil against which our hostesses are prejudiced, however, as well as to refined, contains a large amount of biologically active agents, including the fosfatida which are well influencing brain tissues, and also pro-vitamin A, vitamins of F, B1, PP groups, tocopherol and lecithin - the most active antioxidant. Use of natural corn oil helps at diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, with treatment of a gall bladder. This oil removes a nervous tension and fatigue, improves a metabolism, raises a tone and adjusts work of intestines.

Have high medical value sea-buckthorn, linen, castor, coconut, burdock and other vegetable oils used at treatment of many diseases, but they expensive, are on sale in drugstores and are applied, only if in it there is a need.

In conclusion once again we will remind that the most often found sunflower, corn and olive oils are useful only in the natural form, and in the refined deodorized look they are suitable only for frying and hot cooking. Unfortunately, inscriptions on packings of olive oil - not in our language, and most often it refined (and costs much!), therefore for use in the medical purposes it is better to buy olive oil in a drugstore.

Appetite pleasant to all, good health and all benefits!