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And what you know about the main building of MSU?

… Yes, a tower with a spike.

Yes, it is one of seven skyscrapers of Moscow.

Yes, it is a symbol of University (MSU, directly on letters, is said by the most part with respect and pride of Russian education). And even university, in representation of the majority.

Yes, an observation deck somewhere nearby (and from the first nobody in the necessary exit leaves also viewing does not find).

Yes, are photographed here after the REGISTRY OFFICE.

… and what else you know about the main building of MSU?

In general, for us, students and graduates of University, it all road was just GZ. Geze. It is clear and ordinary. Where to have dinner - in GZ where on the Tatiana Day - in GZ where administration - in GZ … Here go behind books in “Bibliopole“. Someone lives in a hostel here - these characters in general can live here from the date of receipt about day of the termination, in all seriousness, without going outside. Especially if study right there …

we Will reject for a while purely student`s relation to a skyscraper. As far as familiar it would not be, any student of MSU secretly or is obviously proud of GZ.

In Moscow there is a building above. Triumph - the Oriental carpet. But it, generally, is interesting to nobody - GZ more picturesquely, both istorichny, and at all Alma Mater.

The general height of our skyscraper - 240 meters with a spike. Above sea level - 192 meters. Only thirty six floors in the central flight.

A construction story you will be told on a miscellaneous, but the essence will be one: GZ built several architects. The project prepared Boris Iofan (that author of a skyscraper of the Palace of Councils), but he directed not for long. It is considered that he was dismissed for the fact that he did not agree to transfer the building from the region of Lenin mountains, without reckoning with assurances of experts - construction too big, it will just slip to the river, here it is impossible to build. Anyway, but where on Iofan`s project there had to be the Main case, viewing now. Lev Rudnev who replaced Iofan transferred a construction to 800 meters from an edge.

Construction began 1948, ended in 1953 - m. The skyscraper was built quickly, it was reported that by forces of Stakhanovites (three thousand people). In reality the main case was built almost by five times more prisoners.

MSU - shnik with pleasure will tell you that in GZ of 111 elevators (a special design!), that the star on a spike weighs nearly 12 tons that hours (“champions“) never rust, diameter of their dial is equal to 9 meters and them honor arrows on 4 meters long (more long, than on the Kremlin chiming clock!) . And still will show columns before the rector`s office - the columns from an integral jasper which escaped at explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Stand in GZ still - at restoration of the temple left them to the main case … And in general not to consider quantity of columns in the main building. Just there is a lot of them.

These data are very truthful, however, besides them, you will hear so many legends at desire that will be enough on the solid sizes the monograph. And about Stalin`s statue which had to stand instead of a star (but still lies in cellars), about the lower levels and about metro station below, about transitions to Stalin`s dacha, well, about what all know precisely, but nobody saw. It is necessary to write separate article about legends of GZ.

By the way - it is already more plausible - the University nearly became “of Stalin“. If Iosif Vissarionovich lived up to opening of the Main case, most likely, and would be, in the winter 53 - go years the marking under letters was already almost put. But - the University remained of M. V. Lomonosov, Stalin died in seven months prior to opening of GZ.

And now - in GZ there lives the geological faculty, mekhmat and geographers. The administration and administration were located on 8 - 10 floors. Scientific library, hostels and apartments professorsko - teaching structure, MSU pool, the Museum of physical geography, the assembly hall on 1500 people, MSU Recreation center and they are all here.

Just like that if you want to take a walk in Alma Mater of MSU, of course, inside will not let - only under the student ID card of MSU or according to special admissions. But quite really to get on excursion - all of them different and all interesting. If the opportunity is given - visit surely.

P. S. From the top floors of GZ it is really visible all city .