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How to wind hair in extreme conditions?

“Ah, well why I was not born with curly hair how Svetka from the neighboring apartment?“ - as often the owners of a straight and smooth hair trying in all possible ways to give them a type of such desired ringlets ask a similar rhetorical question... What a sin to conceal, I treat army of these “tamers“ trying too in what that would not begin to leave the house with graceful ringlets, but not with a hairdress like “straw miracle“.

It is possible to argue long and whether it is necessary to torment the hair whether it is simpler to accept itself such what you are also other, other, other... But on taste and color, as they say, there are no companions therefore I address those who prefer curls, despite everything. It is no secret that there is a mass of ways to turn the hairdress into “a wavy miracle“, but we will avoid both a chemical wave, and laying by the hair dryer, the curling iron and on hair curlers today, and we will talk a little about another.

Whether the situation is familiar to you: you at last got out in holiday, all necessary for good rest, of course, with themselves took... But! Having classified all the “arsenal of beauty“, suddenly found out that curling tongs, a nozzle for the hair dryer, simply forgot hair curlers, a styling foam and similar delights? That now: to refuse the ideal of beauty or to spend the money intended for rest, for purchase of all that is forgotten in a house locker?

You should not be upset. There is the third way out! Our inventive people never despair!

The elementary and plain way to receive lovely “waves“ for the morning is as follows: to moisten the washed-up and dried up hair with usual beer , to divide them into four parts (if a thick hair, then on six parts) and to braid large braids. For the night you already have a stylish and original hairdress. And in the morning you just accurately untwine braids, sort ringlets hands and delicately comb a hairbrush with large rare teeths - the hairdress is ready! Be not afraid, beer will not smell, the smell will just evaporate.

The second way to wind hair in the absence of special devices consists in production disposable hair curlers by means of paper a format A - 4, cut on strips and twisted in such hair curlers. These strips carry out a role hair curlers on which locks of hair are wound, and these “hair curlers“ by means of the ordinary stapler are fixed. And if at yourself you do not find such adaptation, then it is possible not to bother at all, it is simple - naprosto having connected among themselves paper tips. It is desirable to tie after such procedure hair a kerchief or to dress a special hat that during a dream fruits of our work did not get out of the shape. It is necessary to cut these fastenings by means of scissors in the morning, to untwist hair and to lay them in a hairdress on the discretion: whether to pick up ringlets, whether to leave them dismissed on shoulders.

There is also a plain checked way of creation of effect of wet hair by a national method. For this purpose it is necessary to take 1 h l. gelatin to add to it a glass of water and to leave for dissolution for a couple of hours. To moisten hair with this solution in the evening and to wind them in the chosen way. Next morning it is accurate to untwist and lay hair hands. Here the main thing - not to break proportions in production “a miracle - mixtures“, otherwise hair will just stick together and you with them will make nothing.

As you can see, recipes of ringlets are simple and available to each woman, there would be a desire. Also do not forget the main thing: our beauty - in our hands!