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Than well Russian cinema?

For the last year there passed such number of movies of different genres that it is specially not so simple to allocate something. And still there is a wish to be glad that our domestic cinema gains steam. And not only in respect of quantity, but also in respect of quality.

I will notice that the vast majority of our viewers is so spoiled by the American production where to you put ready formulas in the head that our cinema became as if it is not popular. Often, if the choice costs between the Russian movie and Hollywood, most of the viewers, without reflecting, will prefer Hollywood. But lately something began to change...

Appears more and more at movie theaters of the audience who is fond of our cinema - movies where the main characters ask themselves difficult questions. When viewing such movies the brain has not so much a rest how many it absorbs, analyzes, and the shaken viewer tries to look honestly to himself in eyes and to try on on himself a situation.

. It was surprising to see the crowded cinema halls on serious if not to tell the dramatic picture “Bury Me behind a Plinth“,

devoted to the intra family relations, very difficult … Those who were shocked by P. Lungin`s movie “Island“ in due time tried not to pass the serious movie “Ivan the Terrible“ which is significant also the fact that in it the last role was played by O. Yankovsky, played stunningly …

Well and if conversation on the comedy, what can be better than the Russian humour, such as, in the movie “What Men Speak About“?

And even miracles in our movies are somehow closer to the domestic viewer: any American movie will not manage to tell about phenomenal so reliable, touchingly and penetrating as the Russian cinema. Ilya Hotinenko`s movie “Clairvoyant“ turned out the present thriller though begins quite harmlessly.

A movie plot about innocent a civilization to the girl who unexpectedly finds in herself clairvoyance gift. Whether gift it when its pure heart shudders for all horrors which she sees not only in dreadful dreams, but also in reality how the crime which came true already? How with it to live and whether it will turn out to use it for the good to people?

Why near the swindler giving herself for the clairvoyant she, having the real gift, for herself asks nothing and receives a modest salary? A miracle here not only gift of Ksenia who was perfectly played by Alla Yuganova, but also the heroine who wonderfully kept sincere purity near the people mad about money, pleasures, prestige or sex.

One more movie tells about a miracle absolutely of other sort. It is Alexander Proshkin`s movie “Miracle“. At once I will tell that a movie not for the faint of heart. Not in the sense that there is a lot of blood. But all horror which was caused by the stiffened girl solved to dance during the drinking bout arranged on the occasion of New year instead of the lover with an icon Nicholas The Wonderworker is somehow very vividly shown. And this not just stiffened phenomenon though the girl throughout the most part of the movie costs, costs 128 days.

The movie though is based on the real events known in Russia as “Zoya`s standing“, but nevertheless tells not about the event, and about how this event influences destinies of those people which adjoin to it. Miracle is not some obvious blessing here from above which the Russian, and transformation from within so often waits for the people. The movie differs in it from many others, but and is especially interesting to these.