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How to become the champion? In sport, and at work …

let`s understand life In the beginning and who such “ the champion “? If we precisely understand it, then already half-affairs on the way to “ to a champion`s title “ is made.

The distinctive feature of the champion is, of course, his results which are given in comparison with other people .

Such results happen not at everyone, not all are capable to repeat its feats stunning “ “.

The explanatory dictionary says to us that “ the champion is the person, victories in competitions achieved superiority in this or that area of sport“, a field of activity

Pass - the instruction “how to become the champion? “

In - the first , it is necessary to train many , to train much

And not just to meditate, sitting with the next clever book about “ a dostigatorstvo “ on a lap

In - the second , it is necessary to listen in everything to of the trainer , the mentor

I not to argue with it in each occasion, your trainer sees the general picture entirely, and you - only proceeding from the current situation and level of knowledge

B - the third , regularly to go on competitions (the collecting training actions, various exhibitions and the congresses - symposiums)

I.e. to be in good shape, to be ready to show the results, constantly to raise and be improved, measure swords with other applicants, to do calls, i.e. to give all the best on full.

Competitions strongly squeeze time, accelerate your movement to a pedestal, at them you grow at the subconscious level, absorb literally from air successful behavior models of already taken place champions in your field of activity

It is necessary to me?

interesting regularity Exists if you do not know the answer to a question - and why it in general it is necessary to me to be the champion - that you never are to them and you will not become!

Same is very sick, it is permanent job over itself, a work at full stretch, on a limit of the forces, you compete with the best and hack-work will not give a ride here!

Who remembers, who was a world champion in run 10 years ago ? 5 years ago ? Being champions very quickly are forgotten , nobody remembers them, these are very perishable goods.

A of whom is remembered? Remember only today`s heroes therefore you should participate and win competitions constantly.

Look at “ of stars “ show - business. They it is constant in the center of attention, in the movement, in tours, in scandals, they flash on pages of a yellow press and glossy magazines. And differently they are waited by inevitable oblivion, fall of the income and inevitable ruin since it is very unprofitable to be a star, to correspond noblesse oblige “to the beautiful fairy tale “.

And the famous statement of Madonna - “To me all the same was born that speak about me - good or bad . The main thing that spoke about me!“

“of Fire, water and copper pipes “. One more artful test on the way of the champion is a test by glory, popularity, publicity, recognition, attacks of “star fever“. you are ready

to these tests?

Then find

the internal, deep motivation to go towards the aim through obstacles and inevitable defeats, through “ fire, water and copper pipes “, through envy and misunderstanding you by surrounding people.

In this life we pay the price for everything. We pay not necessarily only in money, but also the time, energy, efforts, health, the relations with people … you are ready

to pay this price?

Then go and win!